Friday, 7 April 2017

Donald Trump bypassed congress to launch his attack on Syria, but he didn't bypass Israel!

The American propaganda claims that the Syrian government deliberately dropped chemical weapons on Idlib. The Russian propaganda says that the Syrians dropped conventional weapons on a terrorist weapons factory that had been producing chemical weapons, hence the gas leak.

This article is not intended to convince you that either of these propaganda narratives is the truth.

Unlike an awful lot of politicians and mainstream media pundits, I'm not claiming to know the truth about an attack that has yet to be independently investigated. There's a chance the Syrian regime did it, but there's also the chance that they're telling the truth and the gas leak occurred because the terrorist weapons factory they bombed was producing chemical weapons.

Anyone who, with a lack of clear evidence, would take the word of western governments, or the western mainstream media at face value is clearly a very gullible person who learned nothing whatever from the propaganda lies that preceded the catastrophic invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003.

The same goes for the Russian propaganda too. Anyone who thinks that's any more or less inherently believable than the Western propaganda is clearly just as happy to jump to the conclusions they want to believe in as the gung-ho warmongering types who approve of Trump launching military attacks before the facts are clear.

What this article is aimed at, is pointing out how Donald Trump launched his retaliatory military attack on the Syrian government forces without even bothering to establish proof of culpability, that he bypassed the democratic scrutiny of the US congress to do it, that he failed to notify the United Nations of his intentions, but yet, his administration consulted with Israel before they launched their attack.

Politics in the United States has gone completely crackers over the last year or so, but even with all of the alt-right and "alternative facts" type lunacy that's been going on, it seems extraordinary that the American public are meekly accepting the fact that the Trump administration completely bypassed the democratic scrutiny of the US congress to launch this military action, but decided that consulting the foreign government of Israel was a top priority.

If I was an American citizen I'd be asking myself "who do the Trump administration actually work for?" because at the moment it's not entirely obvious.

If they were working for the best interests of the American people then surely they would have sought to actually prove that the Syrian government (rather than the Saudi financed terrorists) were responsible for the poison gas, come up with a battle strategy that goes a bit further than "let's just lob some bombs at it", and then sought to establish a democratic mandate 
from congress for their coherently planned military actions.

What appears to have happened is that the US did little more than seek the approval of Israel and then went ahead with it!

We all know from personal experience that quickfire hot-headed rage responses often result in appalling consequences. It's clearly best to wait for the evidence of what really happened to come to light, then work out some kind of logical response that actually has the possibility of improving the situation.

If it wasn't absolutely clear before, it certainly is now.  America is being ruled by a blatantly unstable hot-head with no respect for democratic and judicial processes. It seems unbelievable to write it, but Trump makes George W. Bush (the 
trigger-happy warmonger who attacked the wrong country*) look calm and reasonable in comparison!

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* = 0 of the September 11th terrorists came from Iraq, and Saddam Hussain had no links to Al Qaida. Meanwhile 15 of the 19 terrorists that day were from Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis have a long history of funding Islamist terrorist groups (including Al Qaida and ISIS).


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