Saturday, 22 April 2017

Just imagine if it was Corbyn's senior staffers abandoning ship

Within days of announcing her U-turn on her promises not to hold an opportunistic snap General Election both of Theresa May's top spin doctors quit their jobs. Katie Perrior was the first to jump ship, and then Lizzie Louden followed her out a couple of days later.

The mainstream press has barely touched this extraordinary story of two of the Prime Minister's top staffers abandoning her within days of her General Election announcement, but we all know that's how this works by now.

If it had've been two of Jeremy Corbyn's top advisers jumping ship at the very beginning of his election campaign, the mainstream media would be all over it like a rash, using it to condemn him as "weak" and "unelectable". But because it's Theresa May she gets a free pass, because her senior advisers quitting goes totally against the predetermined "black is white" media narrative that she's a "strong" and "stable" leader.

The evidence is absolutely clear that the mainstream media work to predetermined narratives meaning that stories that fit the desired narratives get prominence, whilst those that contradict it get very little coverage at all.

A previous example that springs to mind is the time Theresa May read out an anti-Corbyn Tweet at Prime Ministers' Questions that was posted by a bigoted and misogynistic Twitter troll. We know that if Corbyn had made such a ridiculous error of judgement the mainstream press would have hounded him over it for weeks, and weaved it into their narrative that Labour is full of brick-lobbing bigots and misogynists, but because it was Theresa May the whole incident flew almost completely under the mainstream media radar.

Theresa May is blatantly allowed to get away with all kinds of things that the mainstream media would be walking Corbyn over hot coals for. The Twitter troll incident, her brazenly self-serving non-campaign during the EU referendum debate, sucking up to tyrants and despots, bribing the Chinese communists into building the UK's energy infrastructure for us, U-turning so often it's impossible to guess which way she'll be facing in the morning ...

The bias in the mainstream media is as easy to spot in what they omit to cover, as it is in the skewed way they choose to cover the things they do decide to give prominence to.

UPDATE: A few days later another senior Tory staffer quit, and again the mainstream press barely touched the story.

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