Sunday, 16 April 2017

Theresa May's Easter message is delusional nonsense

In her Easter message Theresa May talked about a "sense of coming together" in support of Brexit after the divisions of David Cameron's rushed and extremely toxic EU referendum campaign, but she's totally delusional.

Firstly Brexit is still a hugely divisive issue. Those who voted in favour of it are a minority who are massively outnumbered by those who voted against it, those who didn't vote, and those who were tactically excluded from the vote to give Brexit a better chance of success (16-18 year olds, EU citizens in the UK, UK citizens in the EU). Even if we just count those who were eligible to vote, only 37% of us actually wanted the social and economic ruination of a Tory administered Brexit.

Even a lot of people who thought that Brexit was a good idea in principle must be reacting in horror at the sheer diplomatic incompetence of Theresa May and the three Brexiteers' threat-based "negotiating strategy" and their outrageous anti-democratic machinations.

Then there's the fact that voters of Scotland and Northern Ireland clearly rejected Brexit, meaning that May's talk of the country coming together to unify behind a Tory administered Brexit must sound like insane gibberish in these countries that have only one Tory MP between the pair of them. In fact Theresa May's refusal to engage with the Scottish parliament over Brexit and her right-wing authoritarian "you'll do as you're told" attitude is doing wonders for the prospect of Scottish independence.

Another factor to consider is that under our ridiculously outdated and unrepresentative voting system the Tories managed to win control of the government with support from just 24% of the electorate. That means 76% of the electorate didn't vote for the Tories to be ruling the country even before the Brexit shambles was unleashed. Additionally the Tories fraudulently misdeclared a load of electoral spending in order to financially dope their way to success in a load of marginal constituencies. Perhaps they wouldn't have been in government at all if they hadn't cheated their way into power?

Only 24% of the electorate voted for the Tories to be running the country, but 0% voted for Theresa May to be leading the country into the most complex and risky diplomatic negotiations in history. She wasn't voted for by anyone, she was simply appointed by her fellow Tory MPs, presumably because she does the best Margaret Thatcher impersonation of the lot of them. It can't have been because of her political track record at the Home Office, which was a sickening blend of extreme authoritarianism and outright incompetence.

So we have a ridiculously out-of-touch Prime Minister talking about unity when the UK is so divided it's in imminent danger of actually splitting up, demanding that we all get behind an economically ruinous Brexit that only a minority of people actually voted for, administered by a Tory government that an even smaller minority of people voted for, led by an appointed Prime Minister that nobody voted for.

The weird thing is that some people actually accept this horrendously delusional gibberish at face value.

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