Saturday 29 April 2017

The EU 27 have agreed their Brexit strategy, Theresa May is still dithering

It's a month since Theresa May triggered Article 50 and the EU27 have already unanimously agreed their negotiating position.

Meanwhile our
"strong and stable leader" has taken a two month holiday from working on the problem at hand in order to fight a ridiculously self-serving snap election that she had repeatedly promised the public and the markets that she wasn't even going to call.

Theresa May's dithering leadership has been absolutely woeful. It took her an excruciating 9 months of meaningless "Brexit means Brexit" platitudes before she finally triggered Article 50, then she pretty much immediately threw the nation into the turmoil of a self-serving snap election causing another two month delay in the UK actually setting out a negotiating position beyond her 12 incredibly vague points (some of them extraordinarily wishful fantasyland stuff that's never going to happen) and the astoundingly reckless threat to do an economically suicidal "no deal" strop if our "strong and stable leader" doesn't get her own way.

To put this pathetic dithering into perspective, it's taken all 27 remaining EU states just one month since Article 50 was triggered to negotiate and ratify their negotiating stance.

The UK clearly won't be making any progress on the problem until after June 8th because Theresa May and her three Brexiteers will be too busy campaigning until then. So it's going to be pretty much an entire year since the Brexit vote and Theresa May will still be dithering (assuming she doesn't somehow contrive to actually lose the election despite pretty much the entire mainstream media being on her side).

How can 27 incredibly diverse nations (Poland has an extreme-right government, the Portuguese coalition government includes their communist party!) have finalised an approach to the Brexit problem in just a month, but Theresa May is still clearly and undeniably just making things up as she goes along, U-turning all over the place and hiding in Tory "safe spaces" instead of actually fighting a real election campaign?

You'd have to be completely divorced from reality to imagine that such a dithering "oh let's have a surprise election now instead of concentrating on the problem at hand" approach is the strategy of a "strong and stable leader".

It's the strategy of a dithering self-serving charlatan.

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