Saturday 22 April 2017

Are we a nation of gullible idiots?

The right-wing propaganda merchants clearly believe that the United Kingdom is a nation full of totally gullible idiots. There's no other explanation for their attempts to portray Theresa May as a "strong" and "stable" leader when she's clearly anything but.


Theresa May U-turns so regularly that it's impossible to know which way she'll be facing the next day. She U-turned on her position that Brexit would be economically ruinous when it suited her self-interest to do so. She U-turned on giving parliament a vote on Article 50 (before the Supreme Court ruling would have forced her to), she U-turned on her National Insurance hike within a week (leaving a £2 billion black hole in her first budget as Prime Minister), and she U-turned on her repeated pledges not to hold an opportunistic snap election.


The ridiculousness of the "stability" narrative would be laughable if it weren't for the fact that so many dozy unthinking drones actually believe it.

Theresa May had 9 months to call a General Election before she triggered Article 50, but she refused to do it when she had the time and instead waited until three weeks after she'd set the clock ticking on the most complex and risky set of diplomatic negotiations in UK history!

How does it promote "stability" to compel her government ministers to focus all of their efforts on fighting an election campaign for the next two months when they should obviously and undeniably be concentrating on getting the best possible deal for the UK out of the Brexit negotiations?

It just doesn't does it?

The only way it makes sense is if she's putting the party political interests of the Tory party above the best interests of the nation as a whole.

"Now is not the time"

Less than three weeks before calling her opportunistic snap election Theresa May told the Scottish electorate that "now is not the time" for an independence referendum because it would cause "instability".

Saying that Scotland voting on their future would cause "instability", then just weeks later saying that the whole UK needs to vote on its future in order to promote stability is clearly the worst kind of Orwellian nonsense, but again, little Englanders are clearly totally immune to cognitive dissonance, and Theresa May remains inexplicably popular!

The exodus

Within days of announcing her opportunistic snap election both of Theresa May's top spin doctors quit their jobs. Katie Perrior was the first to jump ship, and then Lizzie Louden followed her out a couple of days later.

The mainstream press has barely touched this extraordinary story of the Prime Minister's team abandoning her within days of her General Election announcement, but we all know that's how this works by now.

If it was two of Corbyn's top advisers jumping ship at the very beginning of his election campaign the press would be all over it like a rash, using it to condemn him as "weak" and "unelectable". But because it's Theresa May she gets a free pass, because her senior advisers quitting goes totally against the predetermined media narrative that she's a "strong" and "stable" leader.

The bias in the mainstream media is as easy to spot in what they omit to cover, as it is in the skewed way they choose to cover the things they do decide to give coverage to.

Are we a nation of gullible idiots?

The only way the right-wing propaganda merchants could possibly imagine that the public would accept counterfactual "black is white" guff they're peddling about Theresa May is if they hold us in utter contempt.

They despise us, and think we're such gullible idiots that we'll just rote learn their ridiculous propaganda and then dutifully go out and vote for Theresa May because they told us to!.

The result of the General Election on June 8th will reveal whether they are right.

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Anon E Moose said...

No nation is unique to being filled with gullible idiots. The real question should be, is the human race filled with gullible idiots? The answer, of course, is yes. Scientific evidence indicates that “conservatives“ tend to be more gullible than others, but there are plenty of gullible idiots everywhere you go. Old or young. Rich or poor. Men, women, black, white, and everything in between.

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