Monday 5 June 2017

Excuse me, who is the communist sympathiser?

It's easy to understand how this may seem far too crazy to be true to a lot of people. But it's an entirely accurate description of the political scenario we face.

Don't believe the mainstream media reality-reversals

The first thing to do is understand that the mainstream media no longer exists to inform (if it ever really did). It exists to do two things. To keep you titillated and entertained (so that you remain loyal customers) and to fill your mind with propaganda (so that you behave in the ways that the owners and bosses of the media organisations think you should be behaving).

The mainstream media, and especially the relentlessly pro-Tory biased print media have worked tirelessly to make Jeremy Corbyn seem like a traitor, and Theresa May look like a proud patriot, but as is so often the case these days, it's actually another example of Orwellian reality-reversing propaganda at work.

Additionally the mainstream media have tried to portray Jeremy Corbyn as a radically left-wing communist sympathiser (rather than a democratic socialist who is only proposing what is totally the norm in other developed nations like Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Finland, South Korea, the Netherlands and Canada)

This caricature of Jeremy Corbyn as a raving commie stands starkly at odds with the fact that he wants to repatriate the chunks of British infrastructure that have falling into the hands of the Chinese government, and Theresa May is desperate to defend communist China's interests by keeping things as they are.

Tory privatisation mania

Tory privatisation mania has resulted in the absurd situation where our national assets have been flogged off on the cheap to private corporations, then the private corporations have shifted the assets on until they end up as the property of foreign states.

Two of the most famous examples that most educated people know about are the railways (flogged off in 1994 and now 74% operated by foreign governments) and British nuclear power infrastructure (flogged off in 1995 and ended up being taken over by the French government in 2009).

Under the "Britain for Sale" fanaticism of the Tories it doesn't matter who the bidder is. As long as they've got the cash to buy up chinks of our once-publicly owned infrastructure, they can have a nice big slice. Two of the biggest investors these days are the Islamist tyranny in Qatar, and the communist government in China.


China now owns significant chunks of our infrastructure. They now own a significant chunk of Thames Water (Britain's biggest privatised water company), they're one of the biggest investors in the UK National Grid, and just in March 2017 the Tory Transport Minister handed the Chinese state control over the Southwestern Rail Franchise.

All of this buying up of once nationalised UK infrastructure by the Chinese state has happened under the Tory watch.

If any politician in the 1950s, '60s, or '70s had suggested letting our water, transport and energy infrastructure fall under Chinese government control, they would have been hounded out of parliament and derided as a treasonous madman ... but now it is undeniably the policy of the Tory government to let this madness keep happening.

Economic treason

The Tories are such a sick treasonous bunch that they're ideologically opposed to the British state running British infrastructure for the benefit of the British people. But they have no problem whatever with the governments of other nations buying up the infrastructure they flogged off, and operating it as a cash cow for themselves.

Jeremy Corbyn wants to stop this economic insanity and restore some order and common sense by brining some of our most crucial infrastructure back under UK public ownership.

Theresa May is determined to stop him from repatriating our infrastructure, and the reason is obvious.

The Tory privatisation mantra that the private sector is more efficient than the state was always atotal lie. They only wanted to sell it off on the cheap so that them and their mates could cash in and milk the British public for as much as they could get away with.

It doesn't matter a jot to the Tories if huge chunks of it eventually fall into the hands of other foreign states, as long as they can keep giving away even more of the national silver to their mega rich mates.


If you vote Tory then you are an economic traitor.

No ifs, no buts.

At this election you have the clear choice of voting to repatriate British infrastructure to be used for the good of the British people, or the choice of keeping things as they are, with ever bigger swathes of our once nationalised industries being used as cash cows by foreign states, and the Tories carving up and giving away ever more of our national infrastructure too  (including the NHS), chunks of which will doubtless fall under foreign government control a few years down the line.

So don't be an economic traitor.

Don't vote Tory!

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