Friday 2 June 2017

27 reasons why the Tories are hiding behind Brexit

A look at the Tory Twitter accounts reveals that: 11 of Theresa May's last 11 Tweets are about Brexit and 28 of the official Conservative account's last 30 Tweets are about Brexit.

 The Tories think that they can turn the General Election into a single issue campaign and stop people talking about anything else, so we need to defy them by talking about these things:

The Tory "manifesto of misery": Not only is the Tory manifesto absolutely full of horrific policies, it's also an almost completely uncosted mess.

Scrapped free infant school meals: A policy of literally snatching food out of kid's mouths.

► Dementia Tax: A depraved plan to asset strip frail elderly people in order to fund even more tax giveaways for corporations and the super-rich.

The systematic abuse of disabled people: The Labour manifesto pledges to shut down the corporate disability denial factories, the Tories will keep them open (even though they cost the taxpayer more to run than they will ever save in reduced disability-related social welfare!).

Theresa May's cowardice: Hiding in Tory safe spaces, evading public debates, refusing to answer questions, chickening out of appearing on Woman's Hour! - Theresa May's cowardly aversion public scrutiny paints a picture of a woman who will be utterly incapable of handling the Brexit negotiations.

Scrapped pledge not to raise Income Tax: Why do you think the Tories have scrapped this pledge from their 2015 manifesto?

Scrapped pledge not to raise National Insurance: Why do you think the Tories have scrapped this pledge from their 2015 manifesto?

Theresa May's plot to bring back fox hunting: 84% of the public oppose the barbaric practice of ripping apart live foxes with packs of dogs, Theresa May wants to bring it back.

School breakfasts at 6.8 pence per child: One of the only costings in the shambolic Tory manifesto is a pledge to provide school breakfasts at just 6.8 pence per child, per day!

Theresa May recycling her failed immigration pledge for a 3rd time: In 2010 Theresa May promised to reduce migration to below 100,000 (she increased it to the all time record high of 336,000). In 2015 Theresa May promised to reduce migration to below 100,000 (she totally failed again). In 2017 Theresa May is promising to reduce migration to below 100,000. Who on earth would believe her empty anti-immigration rhetoric 3rd time around?

UK economic growth rate lowest in the G7: The UK growth rate has slumped to just 0.2%. That's the joint worst in the G7 with Italy.

► Tax-dodging billionaires bankrolling the Tory party: The Tory party are raising £millions in donations from the billionaire class who want to keep society rigged in their favour. Several of these billionaire Tory backers are proven tax-dodgers.

The Tories' disgraceful campaign of Dark Ads: The Tories are blasting £millions on plastering anti-Labour attack ads all over the Internet, and they're refusing to provide examples of what they've been sending out to the electoral authorities.

The UK productivity crisis: Under the Tory government the UK has suffered an appalling productivity crisis. We're getting left miles behind our rivals like Germany, Japan, France and the USA, and the problem is getting worse, not better.

The Chinese takeover: Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have pledged to repatriate vital British infrastructure (rail, water supplies, national grid) and run them for the benefit of the British people. Theresa May wants to keep these things under the control of the Chinese government. 

Binning the Leveson Report:  The Tory manifesto pledges to scrap the Leveson Report into press corruption as if Murdoch's hacks hacking the phone of a dead teenage girl never happened.

Scrapped Triple Lock on pensions: Labour are pledging to keep the Triple Lock so that the UK's woeful state pension keeps rising by at least 2.5% per year. In 2015 the Tories pledged to keep the Triple Lock until 2020, but now they're planning to scrap it.

The UK wage slump: Since 2010 UK workers have suffered the worst wage slump since records began. The purchasing power of UK wages has collapsed worse than any other developed nation apart from crisis-stricken Greece.

More police cuts: Since 2010 The Tories have reduced per capita policing to 1970s levels. Now both Theresa May and the Home Secretary Amber Rudd have flat out refused to rule out even more police cuts. Labour would reverse the worst of the Tory cuts to the public safety budget by putting 10,000 extra bobbies on the beat.

Scrapped pledge to ban the ivory trade: In 2015 the Tories pledged to ban the ivory trade. In 2017 they removed that pledge from their manifesto.

The Naylor Report: Theresa May says she backs the findings of the Naylor Report, which promotes the policy of using taxpayers' cash to bribe NHS trusts into selling off their land on the cheap to property developers. If they don't take the bribes and keep their land they get hit with economic sanctions.

Winter Fuel Allowance secrecy: Theresa May is outright refusing to explain where the means testing limit would be applied, meaning nobody knows how many million pensioners would lose their Winter Fuel Allowance.

The biggest education funding cuts in generations: The Tory manifesto reveals that they're going to slash £9 billion from the education budget. This will be the biggest education funding cut in generations, meaning severe cutbacks for almost every classroom in the country.

Theresa May's cowardly silence on Donald Trump trying to trash the Paris Climate deal: This is shameful and unacceptable. The governments of the world agreed a plan of action, Donald Trump is trying to wreck it, and Theresa May is standing by and saying nothing while the rest of the world (and significant swathes of the United States) unite in condemnation.

The NHS recruitment crisis: Theresa May has triggered a massive NHS recruitment crisis by scrapping the NHS bursary. She's driven 10,000 trainee nurses away in just one year.

Arming Saudi Arabia: Theresa May selling arms to Saudi Arabia when she knows they're using British weapons to commit war crimes in Yemen, and she knows that Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest financial backers of ISIS.

More austerity: The Tory manifesto openly admits that austerity has failed because the deficit will not be eliminated until mid-2020s, but they're continuing with their socially and economically ruinous "let's cut our way to growth" austerity dogma regardless. They're sticking with it because it was never actually intended to deal with the public debt problem, it's actually just a con to provide cover for wealth redistribution policies that have literally doubled the wealth of the super-rich minority while the rest of us suffer the cuts and wage repression.

The Tories are desperately trying to totally focus the election on Brexit because they know that their track record in government is an absolute disgrace, and because they don't have any positive policies to campaign on.

They're trying to turn it into a single issue election because they think that the British public can be fooled into ignoring everything else, so we mustn't let them.

Make sure you talk to other people about any of these subjects over the next week, and make sure that they know the Tories are trying to bury their unjustifiable track record in government and their pathetically shambolic manifesto of misery under a tide of Brexit rhetoric.

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