Monday 5 June 2017

We have a chance to get rid of social mobility tax

You know we have the opportunity to remove the sickening social mobility barriers that are university tuition fees don't you?

We have the chance to get rid of a system that now ensures that 70% of graduates leave university with such huge debts that they will never pay them off, despite an entire working lifetime of paying a 9% "Aspiration Tax" on their disposable income, while the children of the super-rich minority have mummy and daddy pay the huge fees upfront so they're exempt from this lifelong tax on social mobility.

Instead of cruelly lumbering our students with the highest public university fees anywhere in the world, we have the chance to turn England into a sensible socially conscious country (like Germany, Denmark, Scotland, Norway and Finland) where the public understand that the value of a university education is shared by all of society, and is not just limited to the individual who gets it.

Labour are proposing the introduction of a National Education Service that is free to all people, no matter what their age and background, so that youngsters can get a decent education, but older generations who need to update their skills, or retrain for a new job, also get to do so for free.

The Conservatives are savagely opposed to the idea of education as a right. They see it as a privilege to be commodified and sold at the highest possible price generating a lucrative student debt industry for the financial sector to feast on.

The Conservatives 
want to keep these massive walls of debt for ordinary people in place as social mobility barriers designed to further advantage the already over-privileged establishment class.

Anyone with any class conscious or social decency should be fundamentally opposed to this deliberate impoverishment of the majority of students in order to hand yet more life advantages to the tiny minority with super-rich parents.

We have the chance to end the sickening commodification of education as if it's some kind of marketable product rather than a social and economic necessity. 

The only way for the English people to achieve this transformation is to vote against the Conservatives.

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