Thursday 8 June 2017

Remember Janice Atkinson?

The Tory party are absolutely desperate for a majority that they're appealing directly to the bigot demographic with outrageous Muslim-bashing rhetoric (to cover their own terrible security lapses), and by welcoming the absolute dregs of humanity back into their fold with open arms.

Janice Atkinson is so incredibly dodgy she got thrown out of UKIP for alleged expenses fiddling; so extremely right-wing that she is now a close ally of Marine Le Pen in the European Parliament. and so intensely thick that she called for the death sentence to be reintroduced for suicide bombers!

Janice the political opportunist started off her patchwork political career as a failed Tory candidate in the Batley and Spen constituency in 2010, jumped ship in order to ride the UKIP European Parliament expenses gravy train, got thrown out of UKIP because her expenses fiddling was too egregious even for them, then teamed up with Marine Le Pen's fascist group in the European Parliament.

She's the classic self-serving right-wing opportunist and an absolute disgrace of a person that any decent politician would be totally ashamed to be seen with, let alone campaigning with, but the Tory Adam Holloway is no decent person, and he was happy to have Janice join him on the Tory campaign trail in Gravesend.

You would have thought that the idea of having an active Le Pen supporter (and UKIP-splitter) on their campaign team would have filled traditional Tories with revulsion, but there simply hasn't been any kind of moderate Tory fightback against the extreme-right drift of their party at all.

They sat by idly as Zac Goldsmith, Lynton Crosby and David Cameron turned the London mayoral election into a sickening BNP-style smearfest, and now they're sitting idly by as Theresa May turns the Tory party into Bluekip and Tory politicians invite their fascist mates along to campaign with them.

Looking back at the past it's clear now that the likes of John Major, Michael Heseltine and Ken Clarke weren't all that bad compared to the current crop of Tory politicians, but maybe the "One Nation" Tories have all died off now? 

Maybe there are no moderate Tory centrists left to fight back against the gross Ukipification of their party?

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