Tuesday 20 June 2017

Britain First followers' reactions to the Finsbury Park attack are as sick as you'd imagine

Glorifying terrorism is a criminal act, as is conspiring to raise funds for terrorists.

If it turns out that the Britain First supporting Finsbury Park attacker is found guilty of terrorism then an awful lot of people who follow the Britain First hate group have clearly been ignoring UK law by celebrating his act of terrorism, and by conspiring to raise funds for him and others who commit similar acts of terrorism.

I've taken screen shots of some of the most sickening comments in the Britain First hate chambe since the Finsbury Park attack was committed.

If the Britain First supporting Finsbury Park attacker is convicted of terrorism, then all of these people should be investigated under the 2006 Terrorism Act (which bans the celebration and glorification of terrorism) and under the 2000 Terrorism Act (which prohibits funding terrorism and inciting acts of terrorism).

The above comments are sick enough, and a lot of them are clear cut examples of Britain First followers glorifying terrorism, but some Britain First followers have gone even further by conspiring to raise money for the Finsbury Park attacker and others who commit similar atrocities.

The top comment by Andy Hackett is a clear proposal to offer extreme-right fanatics a financial inducement to carry out acts of terrorism.

Unfortunately the UK legal authorities have no real interest in clamping down on the hate-mongering that Britain First encourage and host on their Facebook page, and Facebook are more concerned with censoring trivial stuff like bad language and female nipples than preventing their platform being used to celebrate acts of terrorism, spread vile anti-Muslim bigotry and even raise funds to support people who commit acts of extreme-right terrorism.

If it was the other way around and it was Salafi Islamist fanatics praising acts of terrorism, spreading anti-Western bigotry and conspiring to raise funds for Islamist terrorism suspects then the UK authorities and Facebook would surely take a very different approach, and the British media would be up in arms about it.

If the boot fits for Islamist hate chambers, then it should fit for extreme-right hate chambers too. But somehow in Britain one form of extremism is condemned and taken seriously, whilst far-right extremism is dealt with such kid gloves that right-wing extremists feel that they can publicly praise terror attacks, and even openly conspire to raise funds to induce people into committing extreme-right terrorist acts with total impunity.

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