Friday 2 June 2017

Theresa May's pathetically weak leadership is on display again

Theresa May has repeatedly exposed herself as "weak and wobbly" with her cowardly evasion of public scrutinyher pathetic refusal to debate Jeremy Corbyn and the other party leaders; and her infuriating inability to answer even the most mundane of questions, but now she's even refusing to condemn Donald Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Deal that every country in the world bar Syria (who were barred from travelling) and Nicaragua worked hard to negotiate.

The UK government signed up to the Paris deal, so they must have thought it was a good thing at the time, but now Theresa May has refused to join all the other world leaders who have united to condemn Trump's vandalism of the deal that we helped to bring together.

All Theresa May is prepared to say is that she's "disappointed".

Well "disappointed" won't cut any mustard with Donald Trump; and "disappointed" won't cut any mustard with the rest of the world who are outraged at what Trump has done; and "disappointed" won't cut any mustard with the significant proportion of the UK electorate who actually give a damn about trying to reverse the damage that we're doing to this only planet of ours.

Once again Theresa May is at odds with the British public and again she's desperately isolated on the world stage:

The reason she doesn't dare criticise Trump is that her inept Brexit strategy relies on grovelling and begging for favours from him, so she won't stand with the rest of the world to condemn this unacceptable unilateral climate vandalism from the Trump administration.

The leaders of Germany, France and Italy united to condemn Trump's move. Countless other world leaders have spoken out, including Voreqe Bainimarama who is the President of the tiny pacific nation of Fiji.

The leader of Fiji has the courage to stand up to Trump, but Theresa May doesn't?

Theresa May shames herself, and she shames Britain with her silence.

Strong and stable my arse

So if Theresa May is willing to sit by and allow Donald Trump to trash a significant international agreement that her government spent a lot of time and effort negotiating and agreeing, what kind of message does that kind cravenness send to the EU negotiating team?

Does it tell them that she's a "strong and stable" negotiator who stands up for what she believes in?

Or does it prove that she's a weak and directionless coward who has backed herself into such a position of weakness that she's terrified of doing what the Prime Ministers and Presidents of much smaller countries have done, and condemning Trump's climate vandalism?

It boggles the mind that there are people out there who think that Theresa May would do a good job of negotiating Brexit. What kind of parallel reality must they be living in?

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