Saturday 3 June 2017

These are the people

If you watched the Question Time election debate on June 2nd you will have witnessed Jeremy Corbyn being berated by a succession of furious elderly men, with a few questions from other less vociferous demographics sprinkled in.

The two main themes these elderly men attacked Corbyn on were clearly rote-learned straight out of the pages of the right-wing press.

None of them even seemed remotely interested in Corbyn's actual answers to their questions, they just wanted to vent their fury, and the right-wing propaganda barons have trained them that Corbyn is the Emmanuel Goldstein figure to be attacked and despised, and that stuff like his involvement in the Irish peace process, and his No First Strike nuclear policy are the main attack points.

It's funny that the right-wing blowhards who were crying bitter tears of outrage just a few days ago about the Election debate audience being "rigged" because for some reason the audience weren't inclined to applaud Paul Nuttall's divisive hard-right posturing, suddenly had no complains at all about the extremely odd demographic balance of the Question Time audience.

If the people who were picked by the BBC to ask questions of Jeremy Corbyn are anything to go by, the UK population is obviously more than 50% comprised of angry, old, cognitively stunted, right-wing, white males. Meanwhile elderly females don't even exist at all (maybe they were all at home doing the housework while their husbands were busy venting incoherent fury on the tellybox?).

Anyway since these people represent the majority of those who were invited to speak  by the BBC, let's consider who they are:

These are the people who believe in snatching food out of children's mouths and slashing the education budget, because making sure our kids (that our future prospects as a nation will rely on) are well fed and well educated is obviously "leftie do-gooder nonsense" and "political correctness gone mad".

These are the people who prefer to listen to empty political flim flam that's easy to rote learn without even thinking about it, and hate actual policy talk because it requires a bit of cognitive effort.
These are the people who simultaneously believe that Britain is so poor that we can't afford to properly fund hospitals, schools, police, the border agency or the fire service, but somehow we are so rich that we can afford to lavish another £70 billion in tax breaks on corporations and the mega-rich!

These are the people who will shout down anyone who ever disagrees with the fanatical right-wing dogma the media press barons have programmed them to believe in, and will never change their minds because they're too angry to listen to anything that doesn't conform to what they already believe in.

These are the people who are furious with Jeremy Corbyn for talking to the Irish republican (and Ulster loyalist) politicians to try to get them to sit down and negotiate a peaceful settlement to the conflict, and they don't give a toss that Margaret Thatcher was negotiating secret deals with the actual terrorists all the way through the 1980s, whilst brazenly lying to the British public that "we don't negotiate with terrorists"!

These are the people who have been brainwashed into believing that the mild-mannered democratic socialist Jeremy Corbyn is a communist sympathiser, even though he wants to repatriate British infrastructure and services and Theresa May is the one who wants to keep huge chunks of our railways, water supplies and national grid under Chinese communist control!

These are the people who don't give a damn that house prices are at the most unaffordable level in history while the Tories oversee the lowest house building levels since the 1920s. They already own houses so why should they care. They're alright Jack!
These are the people who "wargasm" at Theresa May's policy of using nuclear weapons as first strike attack weapons (rather than as a nuclear deterrent), and consider Jeremy Corbyn a dangerous madman for saying he would never trigger nuclear Armageddon by launching a nuclear strike first!

These are the people who are absolutely craving for Theresa May to flounce away from the Brexit negotiations with nothing because they're not the ones who will have to pay the price when the economy goes into recession and hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs.
These are the people who will troop to the polls in their millions on June 8th to allow Theresa May to continue asset stripping the UK and handing out the pieces to whoever wants a slice (including the Chinese communist government and the Islamist tyrants in Qatar).

These are the people who are invincible in their own minds. In their own minds they won't ever get ill and need a functioning NHS, and they won't ever suffer from age-related degenerative diseases. It'll always be other people who have their houses asset stripped off them to cover the cost of yet another round of Tory corporate tax handouts.

These are the people who will decide the future of our nation if YOU don't get out and vote.

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