Saturday 10 June 2017

Theresa May is a terrible boss

Theresa May has just thrown her two closest advisers to the baying right-wing wolves as a last desperate attempt to save her political career after her calamitous vanity election.

Even by the standards of a woman who sent her grieving subordinate out onto national telly to serve as a human bullet shield because she didn't want to be seen held to account herself, this desperate attempt to cling onto power by scapegoating her advisers is absolutely revolting self-serving cowardice.

Make no mistake I'm no fan of Nick Timothy or Fiona Hill's politics at all, but Theresa May was the god-damned leader of the party.

She didn't consult her cabinet about the crap they were telling her to put in the manifesto, she just did it because she considered herself and her inner circle to be beyond scrutiny or criticism.

This election result was the result of her poor leadership and simply can't be pinned on her advisers.

She was the boss, and she decided to call this ridiculous vanity election when she didn't need to.

She was the boss, and she had the final say about what policies to promote, and what to throw in the bad ideas pile.
She was the boss, and she was the one who hid from scrutiny or debate because she preferred the ideological purity of her meticulously maintained Tory safe spaces.

She was the boss, and by sacrificing a couple of minions on the altar of public opinion is just yet another demonstration of what a truly awful boss she is.

Good bosses listen to the whole team, not just a few favourites. Good bosses have the ability to spot a bad strategy and stop it before it even gets started. Good bosses have the courage and conviction to be seen defending their decisions. Good bosses take responsibility when they make a mistake rather than throwing their subordinates to the wolves as a desperate last ditch effort to save themselves from the consequences.

Theresa May is an absolute horror of a boss and it's frankly astounding that 13.6 million people just voted for her to be their boss.

If she throws her closest advisers to the wolves to serve her own self-interest, what on earth do you think she would do to you if she saw something for herself in it?

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