Thursday 1 June 2017

What ever happened to that Tory voter who cried on Question Time?

We all remember that time the Tory voter cried on Question Time because she felt betrayed by the Tories after they slashed her in-work benefits just months after winning the 2015 General Election with promises to "make work pay" and stand up for "hardworking people".

Some people were extremely harsh about Michelle Dorrell at the time. 

Nasty intellectual snobs on the left called her an idiot and said she got what she deserved for making a politically uneducated decision and regretting it (nice one! way to win people over guys).

The insults and contempt she got from the political right was very much worse, as she was attacked and abused by the Tory faithful using their age old tactic of attacking the person rather than responding to the actual point.

Well, Michelle Dorrell has learned from her mistake, and she's actually campaigning for Labour at the 2017 General Election (see video)
Michelle's abandonment of the Tories in order to campaign against them demonstrates something fundamentally important about politics:

Politics is not like football: If your team is absolutely shit, you have no tribal allegiance to them, you have no obligation to keep supporting them. You can, and you should, change sides.

If your political team lets you down, then find another one that better represents your interests. and anyone who isn't feeling let down by the Tories really can't have been paying much attention can they?

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