Thursday 1 June 2017

Could Theresa May's cowardly and callous behaviour be any more obvious?

Theresa May thought that she could protect her own personal reputation by sending out one of her underlings to take the political flak on her behalf. 

She's is a self-obsessed preening narcissist who simply didn't want to be seen being held to account, so like the lowest kind of self-serving coward, she callously shoved a woman whose father had died just two days previously into the political firing line!

Now I'm no fan of Amber Rudd. I think she's a plonker who has been promoted way beyond her abilities, and that she's got an absolutely callous disregard for people she considers to be below her in the social pecking order (people like the disabled and the working poor), but on a basic human level I have sympathy for her over the death of her father.

Losing a family member is difficult even for people who have no empathy whatever for those outside their immediate families and social circles.

The fact that Theresa May still decided to shove Amber Rudd into the firing line under such circumstances demonstrates what an appallingly emotionless self-serving political calculator she is.

She didn't give a damn that Amber Rudd should have been at home grieving. She didn't give a damn that Amber Rudd would probably struggle to put on a decent performance under such circumstances.


All Theresa May cared about was shoving somebody else under the public opinion bus, because she didn't want to be seen taking the criticism herself.

She undeniably put her own public image above the best interests of her own political party, and significantly more damning than that, above the mental wellbeing of one of her work colleagues.

Theresa May didn't just demonstrate cowardice and a callous self-serving ruthlessness either. She also betrayed absolute contempt for the British people.

She thinks that if she hides from public scrutiny, we'll all be too stupid to notice her cowardice, and simply trot off to the polling booth like mindless political sleepwalkers and vote for her simply because she keeps repeating the same platitudinous "strong and stable" propaganda tropes like a broken robot.

She thinks we're too thick to notice, but hopefully we're not.

If Theresa May behaves in such a despicable and callously self-serving manner over something as simple as a TV debate, how on earth could anyone ever trust her to do what's best for the country during the Brexit negotiations (rather than doing what she thinks is best for her own opportunistic self-interest)?

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