Tuesday 6 June 2017

The Tories think the rest of us are thicker than London, let's prove them wrong

Remember the shocking BNP-style election campaign the Tories ran against Sadiq Khan in the 2016 London Mayor election?

It's obvious that they're doing the exact same thing now.

The same total lack of focus on their own policies. The same desperate smearing. The same pathetic attempts to associate their opposition with terrorism. The same pandering to the extreme-right. The same total lack of respect for basic decency and honest debating tactics. The same anti-Muslim rhetoric (Theresa May appealing to the Britain First crowd by trying to blame the Muslim community for her own government's security lapses).

It's hardly surprising that they've adopted this abusive style of campaigning, after all the same man is behind both of them: The tax-dodging Australian muck-slinger Lynton Crosby.

The Tory campaign in London failed abysmally. Zac Goldsmith was absolutely hammered by Sadiq Khan, who won a great deal of respect for the dignified way in which he kept his calm and rose above the tide of Tory abuse.

The 2017 General Election is playing out the exact same way, with the Tories slinging as many lies, misrepresentations and smears as they can at Jeremy Corbyn, and with him trying to rise above it to continue focusing on policy issues and conducting the election debate in a dignified manner.

I'm sure London will reject this disgusting Tory muck-slinging again, like they did in 2016. As will Scotland, most of the big English urban areas (Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds-Bradford, Bristol, Newcastle-Sunderland, Sheffield) and probably Wales too.

The big question is whether the less urban regions of England and the Tory shires will buy into these disgraceful personal abuse tactics of a party that is clearly totally out of ideas?

Will Britain have the basic human decency to see this vile Tory propaganda campaign for what it is:

The desperate cowardly smears of an depraved political party that doesn't have a single positive policy of their own to champion.

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