Wednesday 21 June 2017

Meet the liar Vicky Ford

Emboldened by the absolute flood of lies told during the EU referendum debate the Tories came to believe that they can outright lie to the public with total impunity.

During Theresa May's vanity election they lied over and again. 

Theresa May herself was one of the worst culprits of all, lying about Diane Abbott, lying about Labour's immigration policies, and lying that she would quit as Prime Minister and let Jeremy Corbyn take over the Brexit negotiations if the Tories lost just 6 seats (they lost 13).

The Tory campaign of lies and smears resulted in the Tories losing their majority, and a massive surge of Labour Party support amongst the under-45s (a demographic time bomb that looks set to lock the Tories out of power in the long-term), but they still haven't learned their lesson that ever growing numbers of people are completely sick of political lies and Murdoch style muck-raking.

The newly elected Tory MP in the super-safe seat of Chelmsford Vicky Ford doesn't seem to have learned this lesson about political integrity.

In a Sky TV interview less than two weeks after the chastening Tory losses she decided to outright lie that leading Labour Party politicians have been "calling for riots on our streets"

Here's what John McDonnell actually said (which is obviously precisely the opposite of what Vicky Ford's claims):

Presumably she thinks that she's now got such a safe Tory seat that she can lie to the British public like this with complete impunity.

The mainstream media obviously won't hold her to account for lying to the public like this, so it's up to the public to make sure she doesn't get away with it.

Just as the disgraced Liam Fox will always be referred to as the disgraced Liam Fox for having allowed his special friend Adam Werrity to snoop on classified meetings and documents (behaviour which would have seen any ordinary civil servant or soldier jailed), I'm now going to refer to Vicky Ford at all times as the liar Vicky Ford as if it's her official title, and I hope you do too.

If enough of us do this then perhaps she'll learn that making up political lies does far more damage to her own reputation than to the people she was trying to slur.

We should also remember that the people of Chelmsford elected a liar, and that if they re-elect her at the next election, then they'll mark themselves out as a disgraceful town that actively endorses political liars and political lies.

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Anonymous said...

This lying MP has been shuttled into the Chelmsford seat to ensure that Agenda 2030 gets implemented. Nobody is questioning this, because the good people of Chelmsford and Essex are too busy believing what the BBC, Daily Mail, Sun, etc tell them. The rest are too busy on their phones to notice what is being rolled out in front of their eyes.

Agenda 2030 will change the way we live forever. This is enslavement and surfdom.

Agenda 21 got rebranded into Agenda 2030. The full document can be read here:

The entrepretation of that document can be read here

The truth is being silenced and She is a gatekeeper.

We allow the most atrocious lies by media prostitutes to go unchallenged. These lies are endlessly recylced by the MSM until they become fact. The Climate Change Hoax is a good example of this.

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