Wednesday 21 June 2017

Right-wing smear merchants are attacking Jeremy Corbyn for Theresa May's blunder

A number of right-wing websites and commentators have exploded in displays of synthetic outrage that Jeremy Corbyn didn't bow to the Queen during the opening of parliament.

Parliamentary protocol is that the speaker and Black Rod bow to the Queen on behalf of the whole house, meaning that the party leaders do not have to bow.

As you can see from the video below Theresa May is the one who got parliamentary protocol all wrong by bowing when she wasn't supposed to, but right-wing blowhards like the Guido Fawkes blog are now using her ignorant protocol blunder to whip up a massive storm of indignant right-wing faux outrage against Jeremy Corbyn!
The sad thing is that there are loads of totally gullible people out there who will believe that Corbyn was disrespecting the Queen by following parliamentary protocol, and that Theresa May is brilliant for the way she ignorantly snubbed parliamentary tradition.

Nobody should be too bothered about Theresa May ignoring parliamentary protocol, after all the whole Queen's speech thing is a ridiculous and anachronistic farce which should have no place in any modern democracy. But we should all take note of the right-wing blogs and news outlets who turned Theresa May's blunder into a reason to launch attacks on Jeremy Corbyn for supposedly lacking patriotism.

People who are willing to completely distort reality in order to score cheap political points exist in the absolute sewer of journalistic standards.

If you see any website or newspaper sharing these "Corbyn didn't bow" attacks, you'll have all the evidence you'll even need that those organisations are representatives of the right-wing sewer press, and should never be taken as reliable news sources.

This "Corbyn didn't bow" attack line can be seen as a kind of kite mark of the right-wing sewer press, marking them out as the kind of news organisations that should never be considered reliable sources under any circumstance.

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