Thursday 1 June 2017

A message about Saudi Arabia from your Tory lords and masters

When you see lovely Theresa sucking up to the Saudis and flogging them weapons, remember that they're the lovely fanatical Islamist tyrants, and that it's ISIS (who are, of course, in no way funded, armed and trained by Saudis) who are the nasty fanatical Islamist tyrants.

It's not like the leaked Clinton emails prove that the west have known all about Saudi Arabia arming ISIS since at least 2014. No. No. No!

It's not like the Saudis themselves admit that there are thousands of Saudis fighting for and training Islamist terrorist organisations in places like Syria, Libya and Iraq. No. No. No!

It's not like Saudi Arabia have a long history of destabilising the Muslim world by pushing their violent and barbaric Wahabist interpretation of Islam in their petrodollar funded madrasasNo. No. No!


Just No!

Saudi Arabia are our wonderful friends, and they're perfectly within their rights to behead people for renouncing Islam or being homosexual, to repress women, to literally crucify and behead teenagers for attending a pro-democracy march, and use British manufactured weapons to commit horrific war crimes in Yemen.

Just don't worry your pretty little head about Saudi Arabia.
Now look at this picture of Jeremy Corbyn meeting the leader of the Sinn Féin political party during the peace process in Northern Ireland and let the hate flow through you.

That is all.

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