Monday 5 June 2017

Do you think Theresa May is capable of getting a good Brexit deal?

One of the most baffling things in UK politics at the moment is the widespread, and seemingly groundless, belief that Theresa May would do a good job at negotiating Brexit.

Let's just have a look at her Brexit record so far:
  • After being installed as Prime Minister Theresa May assembled her Brexit team. Bumbling David Davis is actually not such a bad guy as far as Tories go, but he's clearly way out of his depth. Boris Johnson (a man who has insulted practically every country on earth with his attention seeking blabbering) is clearly a farcical choice for as Foreign Secretary; and using Brexit as an excuse to bring the disgraced Liam Fox back into government was an extraordinary move (the guy should have been jailed for sharing official secrets with his special friend Adam Werrity, not simply relegated to the Tory back benches then brought back into government a few years later). 
  • After assembling her team of Brexiteers Theresa May then stalled everyone (the UK public and the EU negotiating bods alike) for six tedious months, doing nothing more than parroting utterly meaningless crap like "Brexit means Brexit".
  • From January onward Theresa May began robotically parroting the rhetorical propaganda trope that "no deal is better than a bad deal". Given that the Eurosceptic hard-right press is certain to react to every single concession to the EU during the negotiations by shrieking "bad deal, bad deal", there's no other way of looking at this phrase than as a deliberate effort to condition the public into believing that something terrible (the UK government triggering social and economic chaos and a massive recession by stropping away from the negotiating table with nothing) is something good. Theresa May has been literally setting the negotiations up to fail with this endlessly repeated "no deal is better than a bad deal" mantra.
Delaying tactics

By the time Theresa May's vanity election is over she will have successfully stalled the Brexit negotiation process for almost an entire year!

You would have thought that the Brexiters would be totally hacked off at her blatant delaying tactics by now, but somehow they still seem to adore her!

It's like they haven't even realised that almost everything that comes out of her mouth is the polar opposite of her actions.

Just think about it: She said she she called this election to stop the opposition parties delaying Brexit (which they weren't - the Article 50 Bill went through parliament without a single amendment!) but this election itself is another two month delay on top of the nine month delay in triggering Articlle 50: A two month delay that was caused entirely by Theresa May.

You would have thought Brexiters would be furious at Theresa May's ridiculous stalling tactics by now, but it's like they've become so ideologically wrapped up in the whole Brexit thing that they can't even see that the woman who has been leading it for the self-serving, game-playing, endlessly stalling, total bloody charlatan that she is.

Time to give someone else a crack at it?

There are three main reasons that it's beyond obvious that Jeremy Corbyn would have a much better chance of making a success of Brexit than Theresa May.
  • Firstly he's not Theresa May, so it would be a fresh start, without all of the antagonistic game-playing she's been up to fatally poisoning the negotiation process right from the (very delayed) beginning.
  • Secondly Jeremy Corbyn has made it clear time and again that he stands with the ordinary citizens of this country, and against the elitist establishment class. The fact that he's on our side and not theirs is obvious from the fact that they've tried to do everything in their power to destroy him. Despite the constant barrage of smears and even a coup attempt by the establishment insiders in his own party Corbyn is still somehow standing. If that alone isn't concrete proof of his fierce determination and strength of character, I don't know what is.
  • Thirdly, it's clear that Corbyn's not a narcissistic authoritarian control freak like Theresa May, so he'd delegate the negotiation job to his Brexit Minister (the experienced, intelligent and highly capable Keir Starmer QC) rather than trying to micro-manage the whole thing himself, like May obviously would.

If Theresa May wins this election then the Brexit negotiations will be a disaster.

It would be a massive challenge for Jeremy Corbyn's far superior Brexit team (Keir Starmer, Emily Thornberry, Barry Gardiner) to make any kind of success of it, but under Theresa May's leadership it will be a massive bloody mess (just like her abysmal track record at the Home Office).

Don't say you weren't warned.

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