Sunday 4 June 2017

8 reasons to NOT vote Conservative

Theresa May and the Tories have released a truly incredible video detailing 8 reasons they say you should vote Tory at the 2017 General Election. This video has been shared on Facebook over 3,000 times, and half a million people have seen it.

In this article I'm going to demonstrate that all eight of their stated reasons for voting Tory are actually reasons to vote against them. I've added taken screen shots and I've corrected them in the red Boxes below. beneath each screenshot I've included additional comments and sources to back up my claims.

8 reasons to not vote Conservative

Jeremy Corbyn is not a narcissistic authoritarian control freak like Theresa May, so he'd delegate the negotiation job to his Brexit Minister (the experienced, intelligent and highly capable Keir Starmer QC) rather than trying to micro-manage the whole thing himself, like May obviously would.

All you have to do is remember the time Theresa May spewed a load of bonkers paranoid conspiracy theories outside Downing Street after she got totally rattled by a German newspaper report about her disastrous dinner with the EU negotiation bods.

That's the least poker faced, and most openly antagonistic "negotiating strategy" I've ever seen in my life.

Then there's the fact that her "no deal is better than a bad deal" catchphrase is clearly a rhetorical propaganda trick to make the worst possible outcome look like a good thing.

In 2015 Theresa May set the all time net immigration record of 336,000 (equivalent to a city the size of Coventry moving into the UK in a single year).
  • In 2010 Theresa May pledged to reduce net immigration to below 100,000. She failed.
  • In 2015 Theresa May pledged to reduce net immigration to below 100,000. She failed.

The "extra £8 billion for the NHS" pledge was found to be the Tory party's most popular policy with the public, but in reality they're not pledging a single extra penny for the NHS beyond the marginal funding increases in their existing plan.

Aside from their headline NHS pledge being a total deception, the Tories have also drawn up an outrageous plan to use public funds to bribe NHS hospitals to flog off their land on the cheap to property developers, and bully them into doing it if they refuse with extreme financial sanctions. This Tory NHS asset stripping plot is called the Naylor Report. Anyone who votes on June 8th without knowing about the Naylor Report is voting in terrifying ignorance.

Aside from the absolute hypocrisy of ripping off an idea they were deriding as "communism" just a few years ago, there's also the important issue of why energy prices are so unfair.

The Tory privatisation of the energy market has been a total disaster for ordinary people, business customers, and the energy market itself.

Instead of offering a simplistic "sticking plaster" solution to the problem Labour are proposing some serious reforms. They plan to renationalise the transmission grid (which is currently part owned by the Chinese government!), set up regional not-for-profit energy companies to compete with the rip-off "big 4", and also invest in small local energy cooperatives.

Labour has some real serious plans to fix the energy market mess (please consider looking into them for yourself), The Tories are only offering a sticking plaster solution that they nicked off Ed Miliband.

Of all of the eight claims, this is a contender for the most misleading of the lot.
  • Here's an article about how the Tory education spending plans work out at a 7% spending cut.

  • Here's a link to check how much the Tories are planning to slash from the budget of your local schools.
  • Here's an article about the extreme ideological vandalism the Tories have done to our schools since 2010 by giving them away, for free, to a load of unaccountable private pseudo-charities (many of them owned by millionaire Tory donors).

Theresa May spent six years at the Home Office slashing 20,000 police jobs and dragging the UK back to 1970s levels of per capita policing.

She was warned, and warned, and warned, and warned, and warned these police budget cuts were jeopardising public safety. She didn't just ignore the warnings, she dismissed them as "scaremongering".

Labour have pledged to put an extra 10,000 cops on the streets. Theresa May and Amber Rudd have spent the entire election refusing to rule out even more police cuts!

As for IndyRef2: If the Tories hadn't spent the last seven years absolutely hammering the British public with austerity in order to fund lavish handouts for their mega-rich chums, Scottish independence probably wouldn't seem half as an attractive proposition would it?

OK, So here we go:

Another load of absolute reality-reversing drivel:

The 8 reasons to vote Conservative video is an extraordinary example of reality-reversing Tory propaganda.

Even if you don't agree that I've eviscerated all eight of the reasons, I'm sure you'll agree that at least several of them are totally backwards propaganda designed to fool the gullible.

Don't believe the Tories' reality reversing propaganda. 

Don't let them take you for an idiot.

Don't vote Tory

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