Wednesday 7 June 2017

Theresa May is planning to give jihadist terrorists a huge ideological victory

If anyone is responsible for the terrorist atrocities in Manchester and London it's undeniably Theresa May.

Theresa's blunders

She was the Home Secretary for six years, during which time she slashed more police jobs than any Home Secretary in history dragging the UK back to 1970s levels of per capita policing. She was warned over and again that these cuts were jeopardising public safety, but she carried on regardless.

Then she was Prime Minister when two of the worst security blunders in modern history occurred on her watch. 

  • The first was Salman Abedi: The UK government was tipped off at least five times by the Manchester Muslim community that he was an extremist. Then they were tipped off by the Americans that he was planning a terrorist attack against Britain. Then he was allowed to pass unhindered through the UK border. Then he obtained explosives and carried out his grotesque attack.
  • The second was arguably even worse. The ringleader Khumar Butt was such a well known Islamist fanatic that he appeared in a bloody TV documentary called "The Jihadists next door"! Just days after ISIS sent out an appeal for Islamists to attack western cities with vehicles and knives, Butt was going around his local neighbourhood asking people where he could hire a van, but the intelligence services weren't watching, and seven people died in utterly horrific circumstances as a result.
Theresa's ludicrous response

Theresa May's responses to these atrocities have been absolutely dismal.

Anyone with even a grain of integrity would have offered their resignation over such catastrophic failings, but not Theresa. She's decided to use the attacks to as a convenient situation to piggy-back her pre-existing obsessions onto.

One of her obsessions is a misguided authoritarian craving to control the Internet. Her plan to ban encryption is shockingly illiterate from a technical perspective, but as she proved with her police cutting agenda, Theresa May listens to nobody, especially not the experts.

Her other pre-existing agenda is her hatred of human rights. She's always wanted to scrap them, and has said so on many occasions. So once again she's wheeled out her threat to abolish human rights, using the two horrific and deadly displays of government negligence as the convenient excuse.

The problem is with her rights-scrapping agenda is that it would be considered a huge victory by the Islamist fanatics if their attacks actually resulted in the destruction of some of the justice-based liberal western values that they hate.

They'll see it as having forced our hand. Obviously it's a long way from the full imposition of Sharia Law these lunatics want, but for them it will be seen as a significant step towards their objective of destroying western liberal justice.

You don't have to like them to understand how these fuckers think:
"If we can get them to abolish their own human rights with a suicide bombing in Manchester and a couple of haphazard rampages in London, just imagine what we could achieve with a sustained campaign of attacks."
By using these attacks to scrap our rights, she'd be showing them that we're weak and ideologically malleable.

She'd be giving them a huge ideological victory and a massive confidence boost.

The right-wing press

Make no mistake about it, the right-wing press know that Theresa May is a total dud, but they're going to continue backing her to the hilt because they're desperate to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of power.

Their hatred of his agenda is very much more powerful that their disappointment with Theresa's ineptitude.

Jeremy Corbyn is threatening to interfere with their tax-dodging schemes, he's talking about making them pay their fair share of tax, he's planning to give more political power to ordinary people (the billionaire propaganda barons believe the political power belongs to them) and most terrifying of all from their perspective, they know he can't be bought.

That's why they're desperately smearing Jeremy Corbyn as the terrorist sympathiser, even though their beloved Theresa repeatedly sucks up to the rogue terrorist-backing states like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and is poised to hand ISIS one of their biggest ideological victory in Europe as a result of three terrorist attacks (two of which should undoubtedly been thwarted.

How is she so inept?

To put it bluntly Theresa May is a simpleton, offering stupidly simplistic pseudo-solutions in order to appeal to other simpletons (the kind of blethering idiots who becomes overwhelmed with joy at the thought of the abolition of their own human rights!).

Theresa May thinks in a self-absorbed vacuum. She's hopelessly inept at developing clear, coherent and decisive strategies because she's so fundamentally incapable of imagining the mindset of the people she opposes, or anyone but herself and her inner circle of yes-men.
  • With terrorism it's her blinkered inability to see that tearing up our liberal values is exactly what the Islamist fanatics want us to do, so her destruction of our human rights would be seen as one of their most profound ideological victories to date, and an inspiration to increase the scale and frequency of their attacks.

She's so unable to understand her own weaknesses precisely because she's shockingly incapable of imagining other people's perspectives.

She's lived in a bubble of wealth and privilege for decades, and she's notoriously unwilling to tolerate criticism or dissent, so she will carry on doing what she sees fit, even if that's handing ISIS the kind of profound ideological victory they're craving.

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