Saturday 24 June 2017

The EU made a much more "fair and serious" offer on citizens' rights 11 days before the Tories!

Anyone who is gullible enough to actually believe that Theresa May's offer on migrants rights is "fair and serious" just because she keeps saying that it's "fair and serious" needs to have a look at the EU position paper called "Essential Principles on Citizens' Rights" that was delivered to the UK government on June 12th, 11 days before Theresa May announced her derisory offer on citizens' rights.

The language of the EU position paper is a bit technical because it refers back to several EU regulations and directives, but the following quote makes it clear what the EU are prepared to offer.
"The rights of the right holders ... and the derived rights of their family members, should be protected for life, provided that conditions of Union law are met."
This is a clear and undeniable lifetime guarantee of the existing rights of all Brits living in EU countries (and their families) in return for reciprocation from the UK. This is an offer that goes way beyond the derisory offer the Tories cobbled together and presented to the UK press as if they were the ones making the bold first move, rather than the ones who ignored the EU offer then set about using millions of peoples' actual lives as disposable bargaining chips in the reckless game of brinkmanship they're playing with the nation's future.

Theresa May and her Brexiteers ignored the EU offer that was already on the table in order to chuck a derisory lowball offer at the EU as if they're haggling over a second hand car, not negotiating a deal to protect the rights of millions EU27 citizens in the UK and Brits living on the continent!

This ignorant and belligerent approach to the negotiations is so incompetent that it's almost as if they're deliberately trying to crash the negotiations so that they can strop off with "no deal" and then blame the resulting economic collapse entirely on the EU.

After Theresa May's insult of an offer the oafish Boris Johnson even took to Twitter to whine that the EU had better reciprocate Theresa May's derisory offer, as if they EU27 are the ones playing stupid games over citizens' rights, not the Tory party!

Either Boris is shockingly ignorant of the fact that the EU already made the opening offer which the Tories ignored (which seems likely given his shocking incompetence in that radio interview about the Queen's speech) or he is well aware that the Tory party is the one that rudely failed to reciprocate, or even acknowledge the EU's offer, but he's cynically trying to accuse the EU of being guilty of the sickening behaviour that he knows that his own party are guilty of in reality.

Whichever way around it is it's absolutely damning stuff. He's either too incompetent to know what's going on in the Brexit negotiations which is beyond unforgivable for one of the three ministers tasked with overseeing Brexit ... or he's well aware that his party failed to reciprocate (or even acknowledge) the preceding EU offer on citizens rights, and he's deliberately doing the cynical reality-reversing propaganda trick of accusing his opponents of the unacceptable behaviour he knows that he's guilty of himself.

Either way around it's outrageous, but because Boris is treated like some kind of untouchable golden boy by most of the mainstream media, it's highly unlikely that any mainstream hack will pressure him about whether he even knew about the unreciprocated, and unacknowledged EU offer on citizens rights before he started preemptively whining on Twitter about reciprocation.

It's an absolute bomb of a question because whichever way he answers it, he makes an arse of himself. But don't expect anyone in the mainstream media to ask it because the majority of them are more concerned with glossing the Tory reputation than actually holding them to account (just ask yourself how many of the mainstream media reports that repeated Theresa May's "fair and serious" rhetoric word for word even bothered to mention the preceding EU offer that had already been sitting on the table for 11 days).

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