Tuesday 6 June 2017

Are you an economic traitor?

Nobody likes to think of themselves as a traitor, but unfortunately many people are tricked into doing treasonous things.

I mean it's obvious isn't it? If someone wants people to act against the interests of their own community, region or nation they obviously need to trick them into doing it don't they?

Hardly anyone is going to commit treason willingly are they?

So in order to sell people treason, a grand deception needs to be constructed to make members of the public imagine that they're doing the right thing, when in reality they've been tricked into terribly betraying themselves and their own people.

Additionally the party that is attempting to get people to act against their own national interest is likely to focus heavily on attacking the reputation of anyone who opposes them. And what better strategy than to reverse reality and accuse their opponent of the very thing they themselves are guilty of?

The people selling you treason aren't going to come at you with a glossy prospectus with the word "treason" emblazoned on the cover. They're going to come at you wrapped in the flag, and constantly questioning the patriotism of anyone who stands in the way of their objective of tricking you into supporting their treasonous agenda.

This is the situation now. In Britain. In 2017.

The treason has been going on now for almost four decades and it's often wrapped up in slick sounding words and phrases like "globalisation", "privatisation""free trade" and "foreign investment", but when you boil it down, it's blatant economic treason.

The groundwork for this economic treason was laid during the Tory privatisation mania of 1979-1997, when huge chunks of national infrastructure were sold off on the cheap, or simply given away for free, to the mega-rich.

The objective of course was to transfer ownership of the most prized parts of the UK economy to private individuals, who could then gorge themselves on the wealth they extracted from the British public.

In 1989 the water supply was privatised, in 1990 the National Grid was broken up and privatised, in 1994 the rail network was privatised, in 1995 Britain's nuclear energy infrastructure was privatised.

All of this stuff that was built up and maintained by the British taxpayer was hastily flogged off on the cheap, leaving the British public no longer stakeholders, but customers to be milked as hard as possible in order to maximise the private profits.

Many of the investors who ended up with chunks of public property were themselves treasonous individuals who used complex tax-dodging schemes to extract the wealth they were milking from the British public into offshore tax havens like Panama.

David Cameron's father was one of the people who made a pretty packet. Not directly from the infrastructure the Tory government were handing out, but by helping the private owners to siphon their profits overseas in order to avoid making a contribution to British society by paying their fair share of tax.

The rate of sell-offs declined significantly between 1997 and 2010 under the Blair-Brown government, but they did nothing to reverse the damage; they continued selling off bits and pieces like Air Traffic Control and the HMRC property portfolio; and they introduced PFI economic alchemy schemes to lumber the cost of current infrastructure spending onto future generations.

One important thing did happen during the Blair-Brown era that set the tone for what was to come. In 2008 the British nuclear power stations that were flogged off in 1995 were brought up by EdF, which is just a front for the French government.

It turned out that the private investors who gobbled up our nuclear industry in 1995 had so little loyalty to Britain that they literally handed the whole lot over to France when they realised it was more profitable to offload it to a foreign government than it would have been to keep running it themselves.

In 2010, when the Tories sneaked back into power with the help of the Orange Book Liberal Democrats, the rate of sell-offs and giveaways skyrocketed again. They flogged off the Royal Mail at way below market value, they privatised the police forensic science service, they privatised literally thousands of the schools that our kids study at, they privatised the universities, and the Government Pipeline and Storage Systems (the underground aviation fuel distribution network that was created during WWII).

By this time huge chunks of former national industries were falling into the hands of foreign governments.

The Chinese and Qatari governments were particularly keen to get their hands on what used to be our nationally owned infrastructure. China bagged a huge stake in Thames Water in 2012, they teamed up with Qatar to win a major stake in the National Grid in 2016, and in 2017 the Tory Transport Minister Chris Grayling handed the Soutwestern rail franchise over to the Hong Kong government with barely a murmur of protest (apart from in a few left-wing blogs).

One of the most shocking things of all was the sell-off of the Government Pipeline and Storage Systems. This time the Tory government didn't sell it to private investors who then sold it on to foreign governments a few years down the line.

No. In this case the Tories cut out the middle-man and transferred ownership direct from the British public to the foreign governments of Oman and the United Arab Emirates who own significant chunks of the nominally Spanish company it was flogged off to.

When they flogged off our aviation fuel distribution network to the governments of Oman and the United Arab Emirates, the Tory party committed direct economic treason.

They decided that our aviation fuel network was better being run for the benefit of the governments of Oman and the UAE than being run by the British government, for the benefit of the British people, and the British economy.

Theresa May has wrapped herself up in the Brexit banner and poses as if she's a patriot who loves Britain, but she was part of the government that handed our vital national infrastructure directly to foreign governments, and she's planning to carry on too.

In March 2017 she grovelled before the Qataris to beg them to buy up even more of our infrastructure.

Qatar is a country that is so dodgy they've even been accused of supporting terrorism by Saudi Arabia (the global epicentre of Wahabi Islamist fanaticism), but Theresa May actually begged them to come and buy even more of our national silver that she's intent on flogging off.

You might think nothing can be done to stop this Tory treason because "aren't all political parties more-or-less the same?"

Well you'd be wrong to think that.

Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-establishment outsider who has managed to wrest the Labour Party out of establishment control, and he wants to break up this decades long Westminster obsession with globalisation and privatisation.

Corbyn is planning to repatriate some of the most vital public infrastructure. 

Our rail franchises are now 74% operated by foreign governments. Jeremy Corbyn wants to renationalise them and run them for the benefit of the British people.

Corbyn also wants to take the national grid back from the Chinese and Qatari governments and run it for the British people.

And he wants to nationalise the water companies too, putting an end to Chinese government control over our water supplies.

The choice is a stark one. You can either believe the right-wing campaign of smears against Jeremy Corbyn and allow the Tories to con you into supporting their economically treasonous strategy of flogging our national infrastructure and services off to foreign governments ...

Or you can look past the barrage of propaganda from the economic traitors and their mainstream media bully boys who shill for the billionaire-owned newspapers, look at Jeremy Corbyn's actual policies, and understand that he's actually the patriotic one.

Jeremy Corbyn is the one who is saying that Britain is strong enough and wealthy enough to run our own infrastructure and services.

While Theresa May and the Tories are saying that we're so weak and broke that we have to continue flogging our national infrastructure off to China, Qatar, Oman, the UAE, or whoever else wants a slice, because in the warped Tory mind, foreign governments are so much more capable of running our infrastructure and services than our own country is!

Make no mistake about it. If you swallow the relentless Tory campaign of anti-Corbyn smears and vote the Tories into power again, you'll be committing an act of economic treason.

And what's worse is that you'll not be doing it because you've been duped into it, because you've read this article now, and you've had the grand deception pulled apart in front of your eyes.

If you vote Tory after reading this article, you'll be committing an act of economic treason in the full knowledge of what you're doing. Which is infinitely worse than doing it because you don't know any better than to be tricked by Theresa May's deceptive charade of fake patriotism.

If you vote Tory after reading this you'll be committing economic treason willingly and in full knowledge of what you're doing.

Don't vote Tory.

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