Tuesday, 16 April 2019

12 questions to ask local Tories who turn up on your doorstep pretending to be your friend

As the May 2nd local elections approach many of us will have the uncomfortable experience of Tory canvassers knocking on our doors to pretend to be our friends. 
In this article I'm going to provide 12 questions you can use to blast them off their feet.

1. How much have your party cut the local government budget since 2010?

They will try to bluster and blunder their way around this question because they know the answer is not good for them at all. The Institute for government say that they've cut support for communities and local government by 67% since 2010

These ideologically driven Tory cuts are the reason your Council Tax bill is going up, while your local services are worse than they've ever been before.

2. Do you think that there is a link between rising violent crime and the 20,000+ police jobs you Tories have scrapped?

There is obviously a link between the Tories slashing 20,000+ police jobs and the soaring rates of violent crime, but the Tories will try to deny it because to admit it would be extremely damaging.

So instead of admitting the truth they assume that the general public are so thick that we'd actually reject our own common sense understanding of cause and effect, and mindlessly believe the Tory fairy story that slashing the police force back to 1970s levels of per capita policing has had absolutely no effect whatever on rates of serious crime!

3. In 2010 you lot said you'd eliminate the deficit by 2015 but you failed, what is your projection now?

When the Lib-Dems enabled the Tories back into power in 2010 they endlessly promised that their hard-right austerity project would eliminate the budget deficit by 2015. They obviously missed that target by miles because it's mid-2018 and the deficit is still there.

Again the Tory canvasser at your doorstep is likely to try to bluff and bluster their way out of answering the question, because they either don't know, or they know that the answer is awful. Maybe allow them bluster away for a while before you burst their bubble by informing them that the latest projection is 2031, and asking them if they think it's acceptable to take 21 years to achieve what they promised to do in less than 5.

4. Are you aware that the Tory party has a problem with bigotry?

The Tory canvasser on your doorstep will almost certainly try to deflect onto Labour and the charges of anti-Semitism, but you can nip this kind of evasion in the bud by pointing out that YouGov surveys have found that rates of anti-Semitism are way higher in the Tory party than in the Labour Party, and asking why they're so keen to deflect away from the problem of anti-Semitism in their own ranks by criticising a party that has lower levels of anti-Semitism than their own.

Then you can ask them subsidiary questions about things like Theresa May's vile UKIP-pandering anti-immigrant legislation that has been used to dehumanise and discriminate against the Windrush Generation, Jacob Rees-Mogg promoting the German far-right on Twitterthe fact the Tories put up an extreme-right white-supremacist as a local election candidate in Watford, or the fact that they simply wait for the public fuss to die down and then let their racists and bigots slide back into the party later on.

5. Why did your party defeat Amendment 58?

The Tory probably won't even know what you're talking about because the mainstream media barely touched this incredibly important parliamentary vote, so you'll have to explain it to them.

When the Tories put their EU Withdrawal Bill before parliament in January 2018 the opposition parties all supported a Labour Party amendment to stop the government from using Brexit as a Trojan horse to scrap our workers' rights, environmental laws, food standards, consumer protections, and equality legislation.

The Tories (including CUK squatter hero Anna Soubry) and their sectarian DUP mates voted the amendment down, presumably because they wanted to reserve the right to trash our workers' rights, environmental laws, food standards, consumer protections, and equality legislation.

This absolute Tory refusal to build parliamentary consensus on Brexit in order to run the whole thing as a closed Tory shop is the main reason that Brexit has turned into such a humiliating deadline-missing farce under Theresa May's rule.

6. Which was the first local council to go insolvent?

The answer is that Tory run Northamptonshire was the first council to declare de facto insolvency in February 2018. This is incredible because the Tories have loaded all of their worst local government funding cuts onto non-Tory councils in northern England for the last nine years.

So despite having a massive artificial financial advantage over Labour run councils that have suffered much deeper austerity cuts, the Tories in Northamptonshire did such a woeful job that they were the first to break under the pressure.

7. How much are you Tories going to slash from the budget of my local school?

Since 2010 the Tories have implemented an unprecedented 8% per pupil funding cut to the schools budget, and they've also transferred ownership of literally thousands of schools to private profiteers who use bloated executive salaries and financial trickery to siphon as much cash as possible out of the education system into their own pockets.

Use this school cuts calculator to find out how much they're planning to slash from the budget of your local school (or the school your kids/grandchildren attend), make a note of it, then ask the question.

They won't know the answer so expect more bluff, bluster and misdirection tactics from them. Let them bluster away as much as they like, then tell them the figure and ask them whether they think it's acceptable that they're making children pay the cost of the 2007-08 bankers' crisis.

8. Are you proud of what you've done to our wages?

Ask the Tory canvasser if they're aware that since 2010 British workers have suffered the longest sustained collapse in the value of their wages since records began, and ask them if they're proud of having imposed this record breaking level of wage repression.

9. Why has housing become so unaffordable since 2010?

Ask the Tory canvasser whether they are aware that UK housing is more unaffordable than it's ever been before.

Then ask them whether they think that home ownership souring out of the reach of millions of ordinary people has anything to do with their wage repression policies, and the fact that between 2010 and 2017 the Tories oversaw the lowest levels of house building since the early 1920s.

10. How many more children are growing up in poverty since you lot came to power in 2010?

The answer is 400,000.

11. Why do you expect me to pay compensation for the consequences of your horrible policies?

The Tory government have announced a compensation scheme for the Windrush Brits who have been denied housing, employment, social security, pensions, and NHS treatment, and been made to live in fear of imprisonment and deportation as a result of Theresa May's brutal and unlawful "Hostile Environment" legislation.

What she hasn't been clear about is that the Windrush scandal came about because of her own vile UKIP-pandering anti-immigrant legislation in 2014.

So what she's actually saying by promising compensation is that she's going to completely evade responsibility for her own actions by not resigning, then compound matters by using public money to pay off the victims of her own malicious legislation.

See if you can get the Tory canvasser to admit that it's wrong for Theresa May to make the general public to pay the cost of her own horrible mistake, while she suffers no negative consequences at all.

12. Which political party has imposed the biggest armed forces cuts since the end of the Cold War?

The answer is the Tory party who have dramatically slashed the size of the armed forces since 2010.

They've reduced the army by over 20,000, the RAF by 8,500, and the navy by 5,500

General advice

Don't be afraid to print this article off and leave it by your front door so you can use it as a guide (I absolutely don't give a damn about copyright issues). These Tory canvassers will be speaking from a script, so it's totally fair for you to refer to notes too.

Feel free to compile other questions you can stump them with too. If there's some local issue or controversy you can hit them with use that, or take a scroll through this list of 50 disgraceful Tory controversies to find other issues that you're particularly concerned with and make note of them.

Remember that the information in this article doesn't specifically have to be presented in the form of questions, it can also be used to rebut several of the set talking points the Tory canvasser will try to raise.

Also remember that the longer you can keep the Tory canvasser engaged in discussion, the less time they'll have to try to convince other less well-informed people into voting Tory through their bombardment of lies and deceptions. It's actually much better for you to keep them occupied by asking them questions like these and watching their absurd displays of mental gymnastics, than just angrily telling them to get off your doorstep.

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Unknown said...

You need to add 2 more to the sheet, why did you interfere in Libya and cause a humanitarian crisis and Chaos, and do you support Julian Assange for exposing war crimes and criminality..I'm sure that will stump the Tories and their pretenders..

stofcons said...

I am afraid, on one point I disagree with you: cutting the armed forces back is just about the only good thing the Tories have done.

Unknown said...

Stofcons..should get rid of nukes and get strong conventional army..and any politician advocating wars for monetary gain should be barred from politics..

vonvon said...

And if the tories knock on my door (which they haven't to date) I will be asking them why the state pension injustice for 1950s women is being ignored and are they aware of the number affected by this injustice(nearly 4 million). Are they aware of the worry, stress, financial hardship and suicides due to this injustice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with pretty much everything you've said above. However I dont feel like I have an answer on one thing I get challenged kn. If funding of services is reducing, but we are not seeing a significant reduction in deficit or debt, what could another government have done differently? Either let debt/deficit increase or increase tatax I assume? My point is, I don't like the Tories, but I want to be clearer on what anyone else could/should be doing differently? Thanks

Anonymous said...

"If funding of services is reducing, but we are not seeing a significant reduction in deficit or debt, what could another government have done differently?"
Instead of cutting investment in services and instead allowing the rich to hoard wealth for personal consumption, the government could have followed Labour policy of a broadly Keynesian approach: invest for growth. Of course, the growth we need now is in renewables and sustainable projects. But investment in schools, housing, youth services, health services, transport, paid for partly by deficit and partly by taxation, would have kept the economy more bouyant, kept wages stable, created greater confidence and social cohesion, all of which contribute towards a healthier economy. A citizens' income might also have been worth exploring. After the crash, Germany and the US invested in production rather than cutting, and they both recovered much more quickly.

Travis said...

The government instead of pursuing austerity policies, should have invested to grow the economy.

They should have raised taxes on the rich rather than cutting them.

They should have never persued the benefits sanctions regime as it costs more to administer than it saves in benefit payments.

They could have increased the minimum wage more than they have, putting more money in people's pockets to spend. Stimulating the economy.

Unknown said...

I'd say "When is my son getting back the mobility allowance that was illegally denied to him? It's over a year since the high court ruling restored the parity of esteem and we were promised that all affected cases would be reviewed. He's now been without it for over two years, do you think that's fair?"

I won't get the chance though, the Tories don't always bother fielding a candidate round here let alone canvass for support

JohnTar said...

It's fair to note in regard to the investment in Britain that has been neglected after the Tories' election win in 2010, that the "green shoots" as they were optimistically called were in fact in evidence between mid-2009 and throughout 2010 under the stewardship of Alistair Darling in the Exchequer. This was noted in various university journals and reports carried out going well into 2011, but as the austerity policies bit home faded from view very rapidly thereafter, and were whitewashed from public recognition thereafter. Yes, they were pitifully small - but they WERE budding, and with a little more investment could have borne "fruit".

Revd Dick Wolff said...

They're economically illiterate, with a deep seated blinkered prejudice "private good, state bad". State spending is not seen as investment that levers in other investment and stimulates creative research and growth - it's seen as equivalent to giving money to feckless beggars. Thatcher's metaphor of the state as a middle class housewife managing a household was utterly bogus and I'm sure she knew it. But it's pernicious and it still lingers.

Anonymous said...

7 Questions to ask any labour Supporters who come to your door pretending to be your friend:

1: What's your opinion on the Labour council members who actively enabled the rape of thousands of minors for a sixteen year period by not reporting it, shutting down any investigation and closing council meetings to those not in labour and have
gotten away with this absolutely scott free under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership?

2: what's your opinion on John McDonnell's re-nationalisation program that would effectively see energy facilities paid for by the state, but owned by private shareholders in much the same way that the current privatized/nationally funded NHS hospitals are (The one's Thomas decries as being awful?)

3: What's your opinion on labours position on freedom of speech in that they wholly advocate for the state and by extension the Tories (who are currently in power): To determine themselves the context of our language? Given that the Tories appear to be incredibly racist, do you not think that this will be a problem?

4: What's your opinion on John Mcdonnell, shadow chancellor of the exchequer stating in 2011 that he's a Marxist and then subsequently outright denied this on the BBC? He lied.

5: what's your opinion on the fact that corporation tax receipts have increased exponentially when the tax rate has been cut in half over the last ten years and Labour want to increase the tax rate?

6: Why do you want to buy out PFI at a cost of billions for taxpayers, when you could outright abolish it: Do you not want to do this because it's a same manifesto pledge as UKIP?

7: Why were the outright racist shortlists Labour used for candidates for various council elections wholly missing Jewish members as a protected class?

tim said...

Was @The NHS is safe in Tory hands' the biggest lie?

lynnpheatley@outlook.com said...

Spot on - but surely they must know the game is up - they will not keep on getting aaway with everythin - the Di are beginning to Topple! JC4PMSoon - The Tories will be made to suffer the concequences of thei actions - Not their Victims or the general public even if they voted for this Incompetent lot!

Unknown said...

[citation needed]

Anonymous said...

Ask the Torie's whos going to take responsibility for the minimum of 108,000 welfare deaths since being in power since 2010, also ask if anyone should be arrested and charged with corporate manslaughter

All this in the name of (false) Austerity

Anonymous said...

We will halve the deficit said George Osborne, why has it more than doubled to £2 trillion? where has all the money gone? Bearing in mind your party have been cutting budgets across the board.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous re what would labour 7 important things to ask about, most of that is either hearsay or straight out of the daily hate
Could you answer any question to ask a tory thread or are you just a tory shill?

Pal said...

@lynnpheatley@outlook.com 17 April, 2019 18:25

They should be made to suffer the consequences of their actions, yes absolutely. Starting with that disreputable little weasel IDS. Of course since we barely have any accountablity in this country when it comes to policy they'll get away with it.

Unknown said...

Anonymous Slur merchant

Anonymous said...

Channel four news reporting that no Labour councillors were held to account for the Rotheram child sex scandal. I'd say this is enough reason alone not to vote labour as they are obviously fine with child sex abuse. Obviously if you want to vote for them you're ok with it...

John Mcdonnell on the re-nationalization programme in which he states it'll pay for itself despite the return from the current big six being in the hundreds of millions a year, not billions.

Diane Abbot: shadow home sec so the individual who would put through free speech laws stating that the Nazi pug joke by Dankula clearly justified him being convicted:

John Mcdonnell saying he's a Marxist:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lCcFjRhiaw in 2011
John Mcdonnell saying he's not a Marxist last year:

Corporation tax receipts have risen yearly. HMRC statistics prove this...

Labour shortlists: Jewish women aren't mentioned.

PFI contracts evidence:

there's all the evidence you need, each one took a minute to type into google. No one on here's done this. Just so we've got this straight you're voting for:
Pro-institutionalized pedophilia, massive amount of debt from government spending on facilities and PFI buyouts that will not see an equal return, the state defining the context of your speech (obviously the Tories will get voted in again because of past the post so they'll decide the context of your speech. Frankly I think both parties are as bad as each other), lower corporation tax receipts from increasing corporation tax which will chase of business and a shadow chancellor who's wedded to an economic ideology that's never worked and resulted in genocide and he lies about it bare faced.

You expect me to vote for this shit show? You bunch of fucking plums.

Anonymous said...

"How fast can you run?" Just before releasing the dogs.

Unknown said...

Some of your facts are obtained through corporation that are the problem, I lived trough nationalisation what's your problem with owning our silverware every fucker else owns their state asset's, Germany.. Volkswagen,mercedes etc.france..whole car industry, Italy fiat etc, us dull nutter's have sold everything on the cheap to parasites,,get in Corby and get OUR assets back..hip hip ooray..

Anonymous said...

No I'm not voting for the Tories. Thatcher blatantly smothered the investigations into Ted Heath and the Tories under Cameron lost terrabites of data on MPs under investigation for child abuse.

I'm saying you're pro-institutionalised child abuse and trafficking and you're just as bad as the Tories.

Anonymous said...

And you're fine with this nationalisation project going ahead under a government that is clearly fine with institutionalised child abuse on a nationwide level...

Very socialist.

ElleJay said...

The anonymous ID. becomes confusing. You appear to be contradicting yourself, but 'you' are more than just one (TG!).

I'm a socialist. I'm a lawyer. And worked closely on child abuse cases. It has taken all positive emotion from me. It has changed me as a human being. So your bloody silly last post really grinds my gears.

I have no illusions left. None. I know damn well that no one has clean hands, but your asinine crap targeting this party is a bit of a joke.
I will take them over the brutal regime that is Tory any day. And I want you to tell me that I therefore support child abusers. Want to try that son?

The abuse of bloody nearly everyone of lower income by this regime is graphic. How do you think these scum have been in their treatment of children as a result?
Conservatives have abused our children in far greater numbers and for far longer.

You want to discuss this further? Go ahead. And try to ID which anon you are. I'm not going to criticize that status because it is an offered option here, but I need to know who I am addressing. 'Anon' is a fair status. For you.

Pal said...

Don't feed the troll, let him go hungry. ;)

Anonymous said...

"The anonymous ID. becomes confusing." I don't want my IP address found so I can be targeted by idiots in this chat as they've threatened to do repeatedly.
"You appear to be contradicting yourself, but 'you' are more than just one (TG!)." Please provide the copied and pasted examples of where I've contradicted myself or honestly you're blowing hot air.

"I'm a socialist." Oh dear.

"I'm a lawyer. And worked closely on child abuse cases. It has taken all positive emotion from me. It has changed me as a human being. So your bloody silly last post really grinds my gears." I understand it would, that's exactly why I'm posting it. Now imagine all those thousands of girls who've been raped, repeatedly and the local council let it happen. To call my post "Bloody silly" because it is stating the truth really shows your true colours there. You're clearly absolutely fine with institutionalised child abuse and will happily shout down and insult individuals who point out that the party you support enabled this for two decades.

"I have no illusions left. None. I know damn well that no one has clean hands, but your asinine crap targeting this party is a bit of a joke."
So I'm correct, you're ok with institutionalised child abuse. If you consider the truth asinine I can see why you'd turn to socialism.

"I will take them over the brutal regime that is Tory any day. And I want you to tell me that I therefore support child abusers. Want to try that son?" I've actually stated that the Tories are just as bad but yes I'll try that lad: You support child abusers. You're clearly fine with it on an institutionalized level. Thousands of children raped, sometimes daily and no Labour councilor has been jailed for knowingly letting this happen.

"The abuse of bloody nearly everyone of lower income by this regime is graphic. How do you think these scum have been in their treatment of children as a result?"
I absolutely agree, the Tories are awful. This doesn't justify Labour councilors enabling mass child rape. Saying: Atos is bad when someone points out that you're ok with mass rape doesn't absolve you of the fact that you're allying yourself with child abusers.

"Conservatives have abused our children in far greater numbers and for far longer."
AGAIN, doesn't justify voting for child abusers. Also: Really? You're going to get into an argument about semantics when realistically: Thousands raped over two decades in one area (Rochdale for instance) is bad in of itself, let alone comparing it to the failures of the Tories.

"You want to discuss this further? Go ahead."
Just done it repeatedly, you child rape apologist.

"And try to ID which anon you are. I'm not going to criticize that status because it is an offered option here, but I need to know who I am addressing. 'Anon' is a fair status. For you." No, you don't get to dictate that to me, if you have such an issue with it don't reply. Though at this point if you don't reply: It's blatantly because you know you've been owned you child raping apologist. You're as bad as the Tories, fuck you for even trying to justify your position on the suffering of others.

ElleJay said...

Try and post c-l-e-a-r-l-y. That response is an unclear muddle....

....thousands raped in Rochdale??!!!

Ahhhh!! Got it! You're on day release aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Heres the channel four report on the Labour councillors who let an incredible amount of children to be raped. Wow, "day release", so your natural response when someone points out your political party let a massive pedophilia scandal to go unabated for two decades... is to mock the mentally infirm?

You must be a bang up lawyer. Top notch mate. Please keep replying, this whole your digging is fascinating.

Heres the evidence that you've got nothing to stand on:

Hazel Bell said...


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