Monday, 1 April 2019

Rees-Mogg's far-right Tweet isn't an aberration, it's the Tory norm

Tory MP and Lord Snooty caricature Jacob Rees-Mogg already had a reputation for unapologetic sharing of outrageous things on Twitter before he decided to give a blast of free publicity to the German far-right AfD party by sharing a spech from their leader Alice Weidel.

If you look beyond the person making the speech and at who originally uploaded the Youtube video, it's clearly an extreme-right freak who absolutely adores every fanatically right-wing political operation in Europe (AfD in Germany, Lega Nord in Italy, Vox in Spain, Front National in France, PVV in the Netherlands ...).

Rees-Mogg didn't just amplify the leader of the German far-right, he amplified an extreme-right propaganda account on Youtube.

Traditionally the Tories have had way more in common with the German centre-right party CDU (Angela Merkel's party) than the German far-right, but in recent years they've broken up their traditional alliance with the European centre-right to build an alliance of radical right-wingers across the continent.

But their rightward shift is still continuing with Tory MEPs openly siding with the fascist fringe in the European Parliament, and high-profile Tory MPs like Rees-Mogg now publicly endorsing racist German far-right parties and amplifying imported extreme-right youth radicalisation propaganda outfits on UK university campuses, with absolutely no hint of censure from the party leadership.

If we look at Rees-Mogg's Twitter lies and endorsements of far-right politics in isolation it's possible to imagine that this is some kind of aberration, and that he's a "bad apple" in an otherwise decent party, but Rees-Mogg doesn't exist in a political vacuum, and there are huge amounts of supporting evidence for the fact that the Tories have veered wildly to the far-right.

In 2016 the Tories ran absolutely despicable BNP-style propaganda in the London Mayoral election, aimed at stirring up hatred against Muslims by spuriously associating Labour's Muslim candidate Sadiq Khan with the July 2005 London terrorist attacks, and hiding behind parliamentary privilege to smear a completely innocent Muslim as an ISIS-supporting terrorist hate preacher, simply because he'd been pictured with Sadiq Khan.

Thankfully the people of London saw through this despicable Tory hate-mongering campaign and elected Sadiq Khan in a landslide victory, but the rightward shift of the Tories continued apace.

The Brexit referendum saw Tory figures like Boris Johnson whipping up hate and xenophobia with absolute lies that Turkey were imminently joining the EU, and other Tories joining in with the even more despicable Leave.EU hate-mongering, with absolutely no censure from the party leadership.

Then Theresa May came to power and began pushing hard towards the far-right in the hope of unifying the Tory and UKIP votes to deliver a massive right-wing mega-majority in her snap 2017 General Election.

The hard-right posturing, the bigoted dog-whistles, and the overt displays of xenophobic untranationalism worked a treat in attracting the blue-kip demographic into the Tory fold, but it backfired spectacularly because the Corbyn surge was even bigger, meaning May didn't just lose her parliamentary majority, she ended up rendering her party absolutely reliant on the extreme-right ultranationalist demographic to stay ahead of Labour.

Even if the Tories wanted to move back away from extreme-right fanaticism, they can't because the fickle extreme-right ultranationalist demographic would flow out of the Tory party as quickly as they flowed in in 2017. They've got to keep appeasing the rabble or they'll lose their grip on political power.

Since then we've seen Tory MEPs actively siding with all the far-right nasties in Europe to support the anti-Semitic freedom-crushing Hungarian government of Victor Orbán. We've seen countless Tory bigots sneakily reinstated to the party after the fuss dies down over the bigoted diatribes that got them kicked out. We've seen Rees-Mogg and other Tories actively promoting imported far-right propaganda outfits on UK university campuses. We've seen pro-Tory Facebook groups full of the most hateful violence-promoting extreme-right comments. We've seen the Tory Brextremists calling themselves "Grand Wizards" (like the leader of the KKK). We've seen a former Tory cabinet minister spreading the extreme-right "Cultural Marxism" conspiracy theory that derives from anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda. And now Rees-Mogg is openly amplifying a bunch of racist German extreme-right fanatics!

The Tory party is disappearing down the extreme-right rabbit hole right in front of us, and only the wilfully blind would argue otherwise, but many in the mainstream media don't even see this as a problem, after all, the hard-right propaganda rags are one of the main sources of this virulent strain of xenophobic, extreme-right, anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, white supremacist hate in the first place.

Why would they hold Rees-Mogg to account for deliberately amplifying the extreme-right, when they essentially agree with what he's doing and saying?

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Pal said...

I've been saying for ages now, if he wasn't already so entrenched in the Tory hierarchy that he's practically their poster boy, he'd gave gone running to UKIP years ago.

Molly Miller said...

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Martin said...

Wouldn't see him on the front-line in a right-wing created war though.

Pal said...

@Martin Holder 02 April, 2019 18:51

Won't see any of them on the front-line in a right wing created war. These are the types that'll lead from the back, several hundred miles behind the lines.

Martin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Martin said...


Yes mate, drinking brandy and moving lines on a map

Pal said...

@Martin Holder

Suddenly I'm getting Blackadder flashbacks. :D

Martin said...


Ha ha. I was thinking 'Pink Floyd, Us and Them'

Anonymous said...

That's because national service has been abolished.

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