Thursday, 12 May 2016

The shambolic Tory strategy on Islamist extremism

Two weeks before the London Mayoral election David Cameron used parliamentary privilege to launch an utterly desperate effort to smear the Labour candidate Sadiq Khan with accusations that he had associated with an Imam called Sulaiman Ghani. David Cameron described Ghani as being an extremist who "supports ISIS".

Cameron's "pick a Muslim, any Muslim" smear tactics soon fell apart when it became clear that not only had Sulaiman Ghani spoken out against ISIS barbarity on many occasions, but that he had recently been invited to a Tory party event aimed at encouraging high profile Muslims to become Tory politicians!

In the weeks after David Cameron's lies about him Sulaiman Gani has suffered death threats, but all David Cameron has done is offered a pathetic mealy-mouthed apology over any "misunderstanding".

David Cameron can't be sued for slander because he's completely free to make up whatever lies he likes when addressing parliament, however the Tory defence secretary Michael Fallon and the BBC presenter Andrew Neil have no such defence because they repeated David Cameron's lies outside of parliament (in a radio interview and on BBC television).

Just one week after David Cameron spouted a load of lies about Muslim man with no connections to ISIS whatever in order to score cheap political points against a Muslim political rival, the Home Secretary Theresa May allowed a real Islamist hate preacher into the UK to give a speech at a mosque in Luton!

Hanif Qureshi is a notorious Pakistani hate preacher who promotes discrimination and intolerance towards Ahmadi Muslims. Not only does he promote intolerance and discrimination, the Pakistani authorities claim that one of Qurashi's hate sermons was the direct inspiration behind the assassination of the liberal governor of Punjab in 2011.

The events of the last few weeks make the Tory strategy on Islamist hate preachers absolutely clear. They think it's fine to publicly accuse an innocent Muslim of being an ISIS supporter in a pathetic effort to smear one of their their political rivals who happens to be a Muslim, whilst simultaneously handing out Visas to genuine Islamist hate preachers so they can come to the UK to give speeches!

The Tories see Islamist fanaticism as a brilliant propaganda tool (for smearing political rivals or trying to scrap our human rights) but when it comes to genuine Islamist fanatics coming to the UK, they clearly couldn't give a damn.

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