Thursday, 5 May 2016

Some of the best anti-Tory #VoteConservative tweets

On May 5th 2016 the United Kingdom went to the polls to vote in various elections including the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish parliamentary elections, the London assembly elections, various local and mayoral elections, and a re-run of the farcical 2012 PCC elections.

One of the top trending hashtags on Twitter throughout the day was #VoteConservative, which seemed very dispiriting at first, until it became clear that the vast majority of people using the hashtag were doing it ironically.

The whole thing was triggered when David Cameron and various other top Tories began the PR exercise of including the hashtag '#VoteConservative in their tweets.
The Twittersphere was never going to let a hashtag like that go to waste without ridiculing it, so the #VoteConservative feed soon became completely dominated by anti-Tory tweets.

Here is a selection of some of the best examples of anti-Tory #VoteConservative Tweets:

The fact that this highly predictable PR disaster was triggered by ex-PR man David Cameron's Tweets shows him up as the massively over-promoted and incompetent Tory toff that he is. There's no way that Twitter was simply going to sit back and allow David Cameron's one dimensional Tory propaganda go un-ridiculed.

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