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If you would like to make a small monthly donation it would be preferable if you could chose one of these Direct Debit options from Go Cardless, because they charge a much lower transaction fee than PayPal:

Go Cardless charge a 5p transaction fee on a £5 donation, PayPal take 37p.
If you would still prefer to make a single one-off payment or set up a regular PayPal donaion, then you can use this link:

If you don't want to, or can't afford to make a donation, that's absolutely fine, you can still have access to my online work.

Why donations are important

Another Angry Voice is a "pay as you feel" page that does not accept any donations from big business or political parties.

"Pay as you feel" means that you can have access to all of my online work for free. However if you want to help to support what I do, you can make a small donation to help me keep writing. This choice is entirely yours.

I've deliberately chosen to do it this way because as someone who believes in heterodox economic ideas and alternative finance, I want to practice what I preach. I reckon it's better to lead by example by trying something different, rather than doing things the easier (and more profitable) way and simply installing Google Ads all over my page and sponsored clickbait ("13 reasons you should click this utterly trivial article" kind of stuff) links at the bottom of every article.

If making cash were my main objective, I'm plenty smart enough to realise that I could generate far more traffic (and ad revenues) writing about popular subjects like football, film or fashion, then blathering every page in adverts and sponsored "clickbait" links. 

The thing is that I actually prefer to write about subjects like politics, economics and philosophy, and I want to prove that it's perfectly possible for writers to keep complete editorial freedom by raising money directly from their audience.

If just 1% of the people who follow the Another Angry Voice Facebook page were to set up a £1 per month subscription, I'd have enough income to cover my costs, and to pay myself almost the minimum wage for all of the hours that I put into researching, writing articles and designing infographics.

Thanks for your support,