Monday, 15 April 2019

Has Boris Johnson forgotten that he's a Tory?

One of the most extraordinary lies in British politics is the way Tory Brextremists have tried to pin the blame on immigrants and the EU for the dire consequences of their own ruinous austerity policies.

This Tweet from Boris Johnson is a perfect example of this kind of dishonesty. All four of the areas he dresses up as the "positive narrative of Brexit Britain" are actually aspects of British life that are only failing so badly because of Tory rule.

Tackling crime

Boris Johnson knows perfectly well that his Tory party have slashed police funding by 30% since 2010. He knows they've also completely gutted funding for youth projects and outreach programmes. he knows that they slashed 21,000 police officer jobs, and shut down 600 police stations.

Boris Johnson knows that his party bears responsibility for the soaring violent and serious crime rate (especially knife crime, muggings, sex crimes, burglaries ...) and that EU legislation and free movement of EU citizens have nothing to do with the violent crime epidemic him and his fellow Tories have unleashed.

But he also knows people don't like violent crime, so if he presents Brexit as a solution to violent crime, then the gullible will believe him.

Investing in education

It takes an awful lot of brass neck for a Tory to present investment in education as a supposed benefit of Brexit Britain given that they've spent the last 9 years imposing an unprecedented 8% cut in per pupil education funding.

Aside from the unprecedented education funding cuts, the Tories have also transferred ownership of literally thousands of state-funded schools to private profiteers who have been topslicing vast sums out of our kids' education budgets via bloated executive salaries.

Johnson knows that his party have been slashing education funding to the bone at the same time as they allow a load of profiteering spivs to siphon vast sums out of the education system into their own pockets.

He also knows that these education cuts and the ideological vandalism of the education system have absolutely nothing to do with the EU. It's pure Toryism.

Building houses

Johnson knows that since 2010 the Tories have overseen the lowest rate of new house building of any peacetime government since the 1920s. He also knows that as a result house prices have risen to the least affordable levels ever, and that without financial support from wealthy parents, younger generations are completely priced out of the housing market.

Johnson knows that this feeble level of house building had absolutely nothing to do with EU policy, and everything to do with the Tory government's abject failure to fix Britain's shambolic housing market in the wake of the 2008 bankers' insolvency crisis.

He also knows that quitting the EU will do nothing to improve this situation in itself, and that only the intensely gullible would trust the Tory party to deal with the housing crisis that they have exacerbated so badly over the last nine years.

Investing in the NHS

It's as if Johnson imagines we're all so gullible that we'll just have forgotten his '£350 million for the NHS' lies during the EU referendum campaign, and mindlessly accept the idea that the party that has been catastrophically under-investing in the health service for the last 9 years will suddenly set about rescuing it once Brexit happens.

For the last 9 years Johnson's Tory mates have starved the NHS of funding during a period of rising demand, closed down scores of NHS facilities across the country, waged ideological war on the junior doctors, trashed NHS recruitment by scrapping NHS bursaries, and given away £billions worth of NHS services and facilities to their corporate mates.

The NHS is one of the world's finest examples of socialism in action which the Tory party fought tooth and nail to prevent when Labour created in in 1948, and only the most wilfully ignorant of people would believe Tory promises to save the NHS that they've spent the last 9 years under-funding, ideologically vandalising, and asset stripping.

It's also worth considering that a Tory-administered Brexit represents a very clear threat to the continued existence of the NHS, given that a massive NHS carve-up for the benefit of US-based private health corporations will be one of the primary objectives of the Tory-Trump trade deal the likes of Boris Johnson will be begging for in the wake of the UK quitting the largest trading block on the planet.

How gullible are we?

Literally thousands of people have Retweeted Boris Johnson's Orwellian propaganda narrative that in Brexit Britain the Tories are suddenly going to entirely reverse their police-slashing, house price-inflating, school-underfunding, NHS-vandalising policies of the last 9 years.

It's quite difficult to imagine how so many people are so absurdly gullible, but the almost total lack of mainstream media condemnation of the Tories' ruinous austerity fanaticism has obviously played a part in allowing Boris Johnson and his ilk to present the devastating consequences of their own damned actions as reasons to be cheerful about the EU.

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Anonymous said...

Thomas being half handed with the truth again because it doesn't fit in with his pro-E.U narrative. The E.U are absolutely pro-austerity, just like the Tories: The Greece financial crisis is proof of that alone and is considered to be a violation of human rights by the U.N.

Hell the E.U actually implemented austerity measures on all member countries as far back as 2009 in response to the banking crisis (which the E.U funneled trillions of European taxpayers money into bailouts, for corporations. Just so we've got this clear: millions of people lost their livelihood and homes anyway and the corporations who caused this: were bailed out at the expense of taxpayers. That's what Thomas wants to belong to).

From the European institute, it walks through each member country and the imposed austerity measures. Obviously given that it's the unelected officials in the E.U who shape this policy (the one's with ties to transnational corporations) and they cannot be elected out of office: This is what you can expect forevermore from the E.U.

And Thomas and a great deal of people who read AAV want to belong to it. In that case:
You're pro austerity, pro neo-colonisation, pro corporate welfare, pro corporate bailouts and basically pro: making everyone's lives that bit shittier. don't worry, you can completely stifle anyone's opinion and facts on this: by claiming they just hate immigrants.

LOL. What an absolute shower of twats.


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