Monday 15 May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn just hijacked Theresa May's Facebook live event

Jeremy Corbyn just hijacked Theresa May's disastrous Facebook Live questions and answers session to detail the Tories appalling track record in government and challenge her to stop being a coward and face him in a live TV debate.

Here are the points he raised (with some additional information in brackets):
  • 20,000 fewer police on our streets (crime is rising and the Tories are planning even more police and emergency services cuts)
 After succinctly nailing some of the worst elements of the Tory track record in government (there is so much more than just the 5 points he highlighted) Corbyn challenged her to stop hiding from the live TV debates.
Theresa May's response was extraordinary. She implied that it more important to answer questions from voters than to appear in TV debates, as if reaching the 11,300 people watching her Facebook Q&A session (you can see the number in the corner of the screen in the video clip) was somehow much a more important and effective use of her time than reaching the millions who would tune into live TV debates (7 million in 2015).

After making such a feeble excuse for hiding from the debates she then tried using the impressive sounding numbers tactic to deflect the accusation that the Tories have overseen the worst house building slump in almost a century.

Theresa May's assertion that "900,000 homes have been built since 2010" sounds impressive, but it's absolutely not if you know anything to put that big-sounding number into context.

900,000 houses in 7 years is actually a more-or-less accurate number. It works out at 128,571 houses per year. The House of Commons library figures on house building confirm that the rate of house building between 2010 and 2017 was 127,000, which is the lowest level of any government since 1923.

Not only did Theresa May dodge the challenge to face Jeremy Corbyn in a live TV debate, she also openly confirmed one of his five accusations by twisting the Tories' utterly woeful house building record into an impressive sounding number.

How anyone could actually vote for such a cowardly and evasive charlatan to lead us into the most complex and risky diplomatic negotiations in UK history is an absolute mystery.

What we can do
  • Make sure that you are registered to vote so that you can vote against Theresa May and the Tories

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