Saturday 13 May 2017

Don't let the right-wingers bamboozle you into fearing Jeremy Corbyn's repatriation agenda

One of the most sickening things about the anti-Jeremy Corbyn brigade who want things to carry on as they are is their absolute hatred of Britain.

The anti-British agenda

These hard-right fanatics are perfectly happy for foreign states (Germany, Netherlands, France, Hong Kong, China, Italy, Singapore) to operate massive chunks of the UK rail network, but they oppose the UK running its own rail network with a fanatical ideological zeal.

They're perfectly happy for foreign states (China and Qatar) to operate the UK's energy transmission and distribution networks, but they oppose the UK running its own national grid and propagandise against it with everything they've got.

They're perfectly happy for the Tories to bribe the governments of France and China into building our power stations for us by paying them double the market rate for electricity for 35 years, but when Labour outline plans to help local entrepreneurs set up their own British energy cooperatives, they shriek, and wail, and cry that such a policy would be a disaster for the UK.

They're perfectly happy for foreign states to operate our big power companies like EdF (France) and E-on (Germany) but when Jeremy Corbyn outlines a plan to set up regional not-for-profit energy companies to compete with these foreign state owned energy giants his right-wing opponents fearmonger, and propagandise, and sling as much muck as they can.

The worst offenders

The worst offenders in this profoundly anti-British agenda are the Tory party (who sold off all this public infrastructure in the first place), the Daily Mail (operated a Bermuda based shell company so their non-dom owner Jonathan Harmsworth can dodge paying UK tax on the profits) and The S*n (owned by an Australian born US citizen Rupert Murdoch).

Wanting British infrastructure and services to be run by democratically accountable British institutions, so any profits can be reinvested in the system, not siphoned overseas isn't "radical" or "extreme" or "hard-left" it's common bloody sense.

Don't ever let the hard-right traitors who created such a mess by selling it all off in the first place bamboozle you into thinking that the way things are is the way things must always remain.

What we can do
  • Spread awareness of this hard-right anti-British agenda by sharing this article. It's especially important to share it with older generations who are much less likely to have access to social media and independent journalism. Feel free to print this article off and hand people a paper copy if you think it will help.
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