Sunday 14 May 2017

Lucy "fake death threat" Allan is faking again

We all remember the Tory MP Lucy Allan right?

The one who faked a death threat from one of her own constituents in order to cry victim and propagandise in favour of dropping even more bombs on Syrian civilians.

Well she certainly hasn't learnt any lessons about integrity from the incident.

Now she's posted a fake picture of herself talking to a resident in Telford, who actually turns out to be one of her own campaign team.

In the Twitter post she claimed that she'd been finding a lot of support for Theresa May on the campaign trail, which hardly seems surprising if the people she's been canvassing are her own damned campaign team!

On the day after she posted her fake picture she even had the brass neck to tell the Shropshire Star that in politics "you need to be able to learn from your mistakes".

The only possible conclusion is that Allan doesn't actually consider faking a death threat to be a mistake, and that contemptuously spreading fake stories and fake pictures is just part of playing politics the Tory way.

I know posting a fake photo is hardly the same scale of deception as actually faking a death threat from a constituent, but it's just another demonstration that you can never trust a Tory.

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Credit to Tim Finch for spotting this. Follow him on Twitter here.

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