Friday 26 May 2017

Thickos are trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn by sharing silly pictures

An awful lot of thickos are sharing pictures of Jeremy Corbyn with Irish people in order to try and "prove" that he met the IRA.

The problem of course is that they're thick, so they don't understand the difference between Sinn Féin (a political party) and the IRA (a disbanded terrorist organisation).

One of the most commonly shared pictures is the one in the header image, which shows Jeremy Corbyn with Gerry Adams, who is the leader of Sinn Féin.

The picture was taken in 1995, after the Downing Street Declaration (an agreement between the UK and Ireland that the Northern Irish people had the right to self determination) which led to the first IRA ceasefire.

Corbyn had been pushing the IRA to abandon the bombings and sit down to negotiate since the 1980s. By 1995 the Conservative Prime Minister John Major had taken the first hugely important steps towards peace in Northern Ireland.

It was just a few years later that the Good Friday Agreement was signed (one of the truly great achievements during Tony Blair's leadership of the Labour Party) and the principle of power sharing was established.

It was far from easy, but the sight of Ian Paisley (a fierce loyalist) and Martin McGuinness (of Sinn Féin) talking to each other, and working together, and even becoming friends, was something that was impossible to imagine back at the height of the troubles.

The fact that these fierce ideological opponents managed to put their differences aside and work for the good of the people of Northern Ireland should be an inspiration to us all, but to some intensely bigoted right-wingers it's not an incredible success story at all.

The problem is that some people are intent on digging up the anti-Irish animosities of the past and ignorantly using them in attempted smears against Jeremy Corbyn.

It's as if they wish that peacemakers like Jeremy Corbyn had failed, and that people in Northern Ireland were still being killed and maimed, and that the IRA were still planting bombs in England, and the loyalist paramilitaries were still exacting gruesome revenge.

It's as if they're still fighting the war in their sick little minds, even long after the main combatants sat down and negotiated a peaceful settlement.

Patriotism? Don't make me laugh

Make no mistake, a lot of these smear-merchants are not patriots, they're anything but. 

They hate Jeremy Corbyn's policy of bringing British infrastructure and services back under British control with a burning ideological passion.
These people adore the Tory determination to sell Britain off piece by piece, regardless of whether the pieces eventually end up under the control of the Chinese communists or the Islamist tyrants in Qatar.

They don't care if Communist China, the Islamist tyrants in Qatar, or whoever get a slice, as long as they have the chance to take a lucrative slice of British public infrastructure for themselves too so they can milk the British public for all they're worth.

They know Theresa May wants to keep things this way, so they'll smear, and smear, and smear.

These sick smear-merchants don't care about Britain or the British in the slightest.

They're just trying to smear Jeremy Corbyn by whipping up anti-Irish hatred of the past to serve their own sick selfish interests.

So if you see anyone (like the right-wing slob Paul Staines - AKA Guido Fawkes) smearing away in this bigoted manner:

Tell them that they're thick as fuck if they actually believe what they're sharing, and an economic traitor to boot for using anti-Irish smear tactics to help Theresa May keep our public infrastructure and services under Chinese control.

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Anonymous said...

No comments to this post in 2 years? Maybe people strongly disagree with you? How about some information about him being investigated by Special Branch for his links to the IRA instead of 'silly pictures' then:

Unknown said...

I think people who strongly disagree actually do tend to post

Anonymous said...

Fuck me this is an opinionated wanker, why post he has one view (a shitty one)

pipparoni said...

what a retarded comment and it comes from anonymous. how fucking original !

pipparoni said...

Thank you Anotherangry blooger for sharing the truth.. if the UK public signs up for another 5 years under Boris . I can only say they are as thick as shit and deserve it.. Sucks for the rest of us who understand all the smear campaigns. it never ceases to amaze me how people will vote against their own best interests sigh !

Daithi, Ceallaigh said...

‘I’m happy to commemorate all those who died fighting for an independent Ireland’.”
Corbyn in his address to the Wolfe Tone society Conway hall London at on the IRA at Loughall.

The Penguin said...

Good to know the truth. There's some serious muppets out there.

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Anonymous said...

The Angry blogger may have a meth amphetamine problem me thinks as he has clearly forgot the significance of taking Gerry Adams, Linda Quiqey and Gerard MacLochlainn to the House of Commons in 1984, his secret meets with Czech intelligence. Rather ironic that today he ‘s moaning about the democratic process! I personally think he thinks he’s the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky.
This is all rather a mute point now Jeremy is I think concentrating on his anti-Semitic campaign.