Monday 22 May 2017

The sneaky Tories are trying to stop people reading criticism of their depraved Dementia Tax

The sneaky Tories are trying to prevent people from reading criticism of their depraved dementia tax by throwing money at the problem.

Even though Tory MPs outright refuse to use the "dementia tax" term to describe their stealth 100% inheritance tax on everything above £100,000*, the Tory party have bought a Google Advert to be displayed at the top of Google searches for the term "dementia tax".

The Advert takes you to a page on the Tory manifesto that claims to explain "the facts" about Dementia Tax, but it's just a load of utterly biased drivel designed to con people into forgetting their concerns about the policy by lying that it's "in the national interest" create the frankly ridiculous narrative that dementia tax is necessary in order for the UK to get a good Brexit deal, and concludes with a deceptive and highly partisan attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

The Tories clearly don't want people reading the pages and pages of Google results that return criticisms and denouncements of their plans to asset strip elderly people with degenerative illnesses, so they've lobbed a load of cash at Google in order to buy the sponsored advert at the top of the page in order to promote their own partisan political propaganda.

Whatever lies they spout about Dementia Tax being a "necessary" or "difficult" decision that they're taking "in the national interest", don't believe them. 

If the economy is in such a terrible state that the government needs to asset strip elderly people in order to pay the bills, how on earth can the Tories afford to be giving away £70 billion worth of tax cuts to their corporate chums?

The Tories are trying to feed into the insecurities that many elderly people feel about the state of the economy in order to justify this policy of extracting the wealth they worked so hard to build up, but it's just a lie. It's a manipulative justification narrative designed to elicit a desired emotional reaction that has no actual grounding in reality.


The Tories are buying up Google Ads to gazump all of the rightful condemnation of their outrageous plot to asset strip the elderly and spread.

Don't believe their deceptions.

If we can't afford to look after our elderly people when they get ill in their old age (after lifetimes of paying National Insurance as social security for their old age), then how on earth can we possibly afford to give £70 billion to the Tories' corporate chums in tax breaks?

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* = £100,000 is less than many Tory MPs claim in parliamentary expenses per year.