Sunday, 28 May 2017

Why aren't the Tory attack dogs savaging David Davis for saying this?

The more time that passes after the dishonest Tory attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, the more examples of their abject hypocrisy are being unearthed.

We've had Theresa May exposed as a liar over her brazen misrepresentation of what Corbyn actually said (she's a liar, liar); we've had Boris Johnson exposed as a hypocritical buffoon for describing Corbyn's carefully considered comments as "monstrous" when he himself used the staggeringly crass phrase "told you so" to make the same point about terrorism after the London 7/7 bombings; then we had the laughable spectacle of the faux intellectual Tory Defence minister Michael Fallon furiously condemning Boris Johnson's words because he thought they were Jeremy Corbyn's!

Now yet another example of a Tory saying pretty much exactly what Corbyn said, but in a more direct way, has come to light. This time it's the Tory Brexit Minister David Davis.

After the publication of the damning Chilcot Report into the invasion and occupation of Iraq David Davis wrote this on his website:
"The decision to go to war was part of a cascade of mistakes that resulted in the careless destruction of a nation, our complicity in the use of torture, our ceding of the moral high ground, and an increased risk of terrorism at home."
I'm not arguing that David Davis was wrong to say this. In fact I think it's a pretty good description of what happened.

The Iraq invasion wasn't a party political issue. The Labour leader Tony Blair pushed for it and won his war vote with the backing of the majority of Tory MPs, including Theresa May.

Opposition to the invasion was a cross party effort with Charles Kennedy (Lib-Dem), Jeremy Corbyn and Tony Benn (Labour), Alex Salmond (SNP) and Ken Clarke (Tory) amongst the most vocal opponents.

My problem is that the Tories and their attack dogs in the right-wing media didn't shriek furious condemnation at David Davis for having pointed out a link between foreign policy and terrorism. Neither did they warp and misrepresent his views as if he'd said that Britain deserved to suffer terrorist attacks, which neither he, nor Corbyn even implied.

The problem here is the searing hypocrisy. The Tories and their attack dogs will smear, misrepresent and abuse Jeremy Corbyn for saying what countless Tory MPs have also said. But they have no complaints at all when Tory MPs make the exact same foreign policy-terrorism point, but in much more direct (in David Davis' case) and downright insensitive (in Boris Johnson's case) ways.


Don't let the hypocritical Tory liars programme you into believing their misleading propaganda about what Corbyn said in his terrorism speech. Read it for yourself, think about it for yourself. Draw your conclusions for yourself.

Full transcript of Jeremy Cornyn's speech on terrorism.

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