Wednesday 31 May 2017

Theresa May's latest excuse for her cowardice is the worst yet!

Theresa May's latest excuse for chickening out of the election debate is the most ridiculous yet.

When confronted by journalists about why she was refusing to appear in the debates, she did a crackpot forced laugh, then tried to claim that Jeremy Corbyn is at fault for wanting to appear on the telly (as if putting yourself and your views before public scrutiny is some kind of abominable thing for a political leader to do), and that he should be paying more attention to "thinking about Brexit negotiations".

There's so much wrong with this excuse it's absurd.

The ticking clock

Firstly, and most obviously, if Theresa May was so concerned about the importance of Brexit negotiations, then she would never have called this self-serving snap-election in the first place.

How is it even possible for her to think the public are thick enough to buy her excuse that Brexit negotiations are suddenly so incredibly important to her, when she decided to put the negotiations on hold for two months to do this election when she thought she had an unassailable poll lead?

How does setting the clock ticking on the most complex and risky set of negotiations and then calling a two month holiday in order to conduct a totally self-serving snap election demonstrate anything other than contempt for the seriousness of the situation we're facing?

Amber Rudd

If the idea of appearing before the public is such a laughable concept, why on earth has Theresa May decided to send the Home Secretary Amber Rudd in her place?

If the concept is contemptible, then just boycott it. If it's not such a waste of time appear yourself.

This halfway solution is yet another demonstration of directionless leadership. She decided not to go, then instead of admit she was wrong and actually turn up, she's sending one of her underlings to act as her human bullet shield.

She's too cowardly too appear herself because she knows she'd get eviscerated, but she's too directionless to stick by her decision so she's sending out Amber Rudd to take all the criticism on her behalf.

That forced laugh

Perhaps Theresa May's image consultants have told her to try to lighten up a bit because her snarky and brittle persona is putting people off?

We all remember that bonkers shoulders-back fake laugh she did at Prime Ministers' Questions. She looks completely deranged when she puts on a laugh, so forced laughter hardly seems to be a sensible approach.

What else can she do though. Staring furiously, angrily shaking her head when she's presented with facts she doesn't like, and launching into furious rants when things aren't going her way are hardly mannerisms that are going to win people over.

The transparency of her false laugh is perhaps the strongest indication of why she won't appear in the live debates. She doesn't want people to see how her scripted persona is completely fake as she descends into either crackpot displays of faux hilarity, or furious snarky jabbering.

Why should Corbyn be preparing Brexit negotiations?

The idea that Jeremy Corbyn is wasting his time subjecting himself to public scrutiny because he should be preparing for the Brexit negotiations is an extremely odd argument for Theresa May to make.

The only way to interpret May's words is that she thinks Corbyn is actually going to win the election, otherwise why on earth would he need to concentrate on his Brexit negotiating stance, instead of reaching out to members of the public?

Watch it for yourself

Just look at the state of it. This cowardly and directionless woman isn't fit to run a bath, let alone a country.


Theresa May is a directionless coward who will say literally anything to excuse her yellow-bellied behaviour, no matter how nonsensical.

She thinks she can get away with it because she believes the UK public to be a gullible bunch of halfwits who will believe any old word salad, as long as it's presented in a posh accent.

It's up to us, the British public, to prove her wrong.

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