Thursday 25 May 2017

Just look at biased state of the UK press

We have all seen the evidence of our eyes that the mainstream media is horrifically biased against the Labour Party and in favour of the Tories, but it's useful to have some evidence to back up our suspicions.

Academics at Loughborough University have produced a report into general election campaign bias in the UK press and the results are astoundingly unbalanced.

Read the full report here

Looking at the graph in the header image anyone would have thought that the Tory party were the ones with a carefully costed manifesto full of popular policies and a leader who can draw vast crowds; and the Labour Party were the ones with the absolute shambles of an uncosted manifesto; a near universally hated policy of asset stripping people who need social care, a history of recklessly gutting the armed forces, police, emergency services, hospitals and border agency; an indefensible record in government, and an increasingly unstable and erratic leader who keeps spewing bonkers conspiracy theories under the pressure of an opportunistic and self-serving election campaign that they decided to trigger themself!

But no!

The press have actually found the time to heap praise on the Tories in between their relentless barrage of attacks on the Labour Party!

The Tories are in meltdown. Their climbdown on their hated Dementia Tax is unprecedented in UK election history; their decision to use the Manchester Arena atrocity to bury their  shockingly complacent blunder over school breakfast funding is despicable even by their own depraved standards; Theresa May's woeful tenure at the Home Office has come back into the spotlight in the most gruesome manner imaginable; and May is clearly buckling under the pressure.

Yet somehow the UK press are still relentlessly fighting to ensure she wins the election.

Under normal circumstances such severe systemic bias would be unacceptable enough, but in light of the ongoing Tory implosion it's absolutely sickening.

Don't believe the mainstream media lies. 

Read the (actually really good) Labour Party manifesto for yourself and make up your own mind.

Don't be a political sleepwalker.

Think for yourselves.

Don't just do as you're told by the sociopathic billionaire propaganda merchants who own almost all of the UK press.

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