Wednesday 17 May 2017

The communist takeover of the UK, and Jeremy Corbyn's plan to stop it

George Osborne's appointment as the editor of the Evening Standard was just another example of the incredible pro-Tory bias of the mainstream media.

Screwing the economy

George Osborne is the guy who pushed his ruinous ideological austerity agenda on the UK. Slashing public investment in the immediate aftermath of the bankers' insolvency crash strangled the post-crisis recovery at birth by subjecting the British workforce to the worst slump in the value of their wages since records began.

When inflation outpaces wage growth, workers have less cash in their pockets and the economy stagnates due to falling demand. The only thing that kept the GDP figures looking positive was that Osborne's mate Theresa May allowed the biggest inwards migration surge in UK history to go on.

Of course GDP was going to grow a bit if the home secretary let a city the size of Coventry worth of people flow into the UK in a single year, but the amount of wealth per person in the economy has flatlined for an entire decade.

Of course there's nothing wrong with immigration in principle, but if the government allows the biggest immigration surge in history at a time when they're ruthlessly slashing back public services and local government budgets, and also overseeing the lowest levels of house building since the early 1920s, of course it's going to exacerbate problems like over-stretched local services and rampant house price inflation.

Sucking up to communist China

Aside from screwing the economy George Osborne did something else too. He signed up to one of the worst rip-off deals ever concocted. He decided to bribe the communist government in China to build the UK a nuclear power plant by guaranteeing them that the UK would pay double the market rate for the electricity it produces for 35 years.

Theresa May had the opportunity to scrap this ludicrous deal, but when it came to a choice between shafting the UK public, or pissing off the Chinese communists, you know exactly what she chose don't you?

"Why can't the UK just build our own nuclear power plant?" you may well ask.

Well the reason we can't is that the UK's nuclear power stations and expertise was privatised by the Tories in 1996 and eventually ended up in the hands of the French government in 2008.

The red flag

So here we have the guy who promised £billions in taxpayers' cash as a bribe to communist China to get them to build the UK a nuclear power plant accusing Jeremy Corbyn of "flying the red flag" on the front page of the newspaper he now edits.

The hypocrisy of a guy who saw fit to use UK taxpayers' cash to bribe the Chinese communists using communist symbolism to attack a political rival is bad enough, but it gets worse.

The communist take over

As a result of Tory privatisation mania, large chunks of UK infrastructure have been taken over by the Chinese communists. One of the biggest stakeholders in the National Grid is the Chinese CIC sovereign wealth fund. CIC is one of the biggest stakeholders in Thames Water too.

It's less than two months since the Tory transport secretary Chris Grayling announced that he was handing another chunk of the UK rail network over to the communists by allowing the Hong Kong state railway to take over the South Western Rail Franchise.

Tory privatisation mania has created the opportunity for communist China to buy up significant chunks of UK infrastructure, but instead of opposing this communist takeover, the Tory government actually announce these communist takeovers with great fanfare as if they're wonderful success stories!


What Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party are proposing is that the UK's vital infrastructure should be run by the UK, for the benefit of the UK.

Corbyn wants to repatriate lots of the vital public infrastructure that has fallen into Chinese hands, and the Tories oppose his plans.

Backwards Orwellian propaganda

But somehow, if you listen to the political zombies who allow themselves to be brainwashed by the right-wing press, Corbyn is the nasty communist for wanting to repatriate our infrastructure, and the ones who allowed it to fall into the hands of communists, and want to keep things that way are the wonderful British patriots who they're all going to rush off and vote for!

The fact that so many people are so deluded about who the real communist sympathisers are is a testament to the power of the mainstream media to convince gullible people into believing that black is white, good is bad, and selling the UK off to communist Chine one piece at a time is patriotism.

A clear choice

A vote for the Tory party is a vote to keep vital UK infrastructure in the hands of the Chinese communists.

A vote for Labour is a vote to repatriate vital UK infrastructure and run it for the good of the British people, and for the good of the British economy.

What we can do

  • If you ever hear anyone talking about Jeremy Corbyn as if he's a "communist", show them this article and/or ask them if they oppose Jeremy Corbyn's plan to repatriate British infrastructure from the Chinese communists, or whether they prefer the Tory policy of continually giving them even more of our infrastructure.
  • If you don't register to vote, you can't vote against the Tories and their policy of keeping swathes of UK infrastructure under Chinese communist control.

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