Sunday, 21 May 2017

Compelling proof that Theresa May is the ideological extremist

In her May 20th Facebook meltdown Theresa May claimed that Jeremy Corbyn is an ideological extremist.

The problem here is that there's nothing extreme about Jeremy Corbyn's policy of running vital infrastructure and services as not-for-profit public enterprises.

It's actually the norm across the developed world.

If you try to claim that Jeremy Corbyn's policy of running vital national infrastructure like the National Grid on a not-for-profit publicly accountable basis is "extreme-left", then you're going to have to accept that under your definition of "extreme-left" Texas (the reddest of red states in the US) is a bastion of "extreme-left" ideology because they run their national grid as a not-for-profit, democratically accountable public service.

In reality the majority of Brits strongly support nationalisation across a wide range of industries [source - YouGov].

Even the majority of Tories support the idea that stuff like the NHS, police and schools should be run in the public sector [source - YouGov].

If you look at the Tory track record it becomes clear that they are actually the ideological extremists who are hellbent on going against the wishes of the public, and the wishes of their own supporters.
As is so often the case the Tories are playing Orwellian word games. They're turning reality on it's head by accusing their opponents of what they are guilty of themselves.

Even the majority of Tories oppose privatisation of
the police, NHS and schools.
If Jeremy Corbyn was talking about nationalising the airlines then he'd be going against the will of the people and the accusation of ideological extremism could stand, but he absolutely isn't.

He's proposing the nationalisation of things that the majority of the public would prefer to see nationalised.

Theresa May and the Tories on the other hand are privatising things that the overwhelming majority of the public want to see run as not-for-profit public services.

Theresa May is the ideological extremist, yet that's what she accuses Corbyn of being. 

It's so outrageously backwards it's unbelievable that so many people fall for it, but they actually do!

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