Monday 29 May 2017

13 questions mainstream media should be asking about Salman Abedi

The more we find out about the Manchester Arena terrorist, the worse it looks for the UK government and secret services.

One of the first revelations about the British-born terrorist Salman Abedi was that he had been banned from a mosque for expressing pro-ISIS views, and repeatedly reported to authorities for by other members of the Manchester Muslim community too.

So much for the extreme-right mantra that "Muslims should do more to root out terrorists"!

The Muslim community of Manchester did their civic duty by repeatedly reporting Abedi to the authorities, but the authorities apparently did nothing to actually stop him.

Another early revelation was that he committed the atrocity at Manchester Arena only days after arriving back from the lawless terrorist breeding ground in Libya, and also that he was also known to have travelled to Syria to associate with Islamist fanatics.

People soon started asking the obvious question of how he managed to travel between Manchester and the terrorist hotspots of Libya and Syria unhindered by the UK security services, and if he was able to travel freely between the UK and terroist hotspots, how many others have also been slipping in and out of the UK to train as terrorists in Libya and Syria?

The website Middle East Eye soon found several UK based Libyan fighters who detailed how they had actually been encouraged by the UK secret services to go and fight in Libya. Several of them had had their passports revoked for suspected extremism, but had them handed back when the Islamist uprising against Gadaffi began to kick off.

The next damning revelation was that the UK secret services were tipped off in January 2017 by the Americans that Abedi was actively planning an act of terrorism. Apparently the UK security services monitored him for a while before dropping the investigation.

Their excuse for dropping the investigation into a known extremist it is absolutely astounding. Their claim is that they were too busy juggling other terrorist investigations!

Of course keeping track of suspected terrorists is a difficult job. Nobody is saying it's easy. But if the Muslim community of Manchester repeatedly tipped them off that the guy is a dangerous fanatic; and the Americans tipped them off that he's actively planning a terrorist atrocity; how is it that the investigation was dropped? And how is it that he managed to pass through the UK border without at least being stopped?

13 questions

Here are a some important questions that any mainstream media journalist who is not a total Tory stooge should be asking Theresa May, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd, and the Tory government:

1. Was the Home Office made aware of the US tip off that Salman Abedi was actively plotting a terrorist attack in the UK?
2. Why was the investigation into Salman Abedi dropped within months of the US tip off?
3. Who signed off on the investigation being dropped?
4. What was the justification for the investigation being dropped so soon after such a serious tip off? 
5. Have any other investigations been dropped after tip offs from the Americans that they're actively planning a terrorist attack (if so how many)?
6. How did someone who was so recently under investigation as a terrorism suspect allowed to pass through a UK airport on the way back from Libya?
7. The French Interior Ministry says that they have evidence that Abedi was also in Syria. What evidence does the UK have about his involvement with Islamist extremists in Syria, and was this information considered when the decision was taken to drop the investigation?
8. Was Salman Abedi himself given dispensation by the UK secret services to travel to Libya to fight in the civil war there?
9. How many British-Libyans in total were given dispensation by the UK secret services to fight in the Libyan civil war (or is the number unknown)?
10. Was the then Home Secretary Theresa May aware of this policy of giving British-Libyan extremists dispensation to travel to Libya to fight in the war, or was it going on behind her back?
11. How many of these British-Libyan fighters have now returned to the UK (or is the number unknown)?
12. What action was taken (if any) when Abedi was reported to the police counter-terrorism hotline five years ago, and again one year ago?
13. What action was taken (if any) when Abedi was reported as an extremist by the Didsbury mosque two years ago?

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