Wednesday 8 February 2017

The Vote Leave director admits that Brexit wouldn't have won without the £350 million for the NHS lies

The Vote Leave director Dominic Cummings has openly admitted that Brexit would never have won without all the £350 million for the NHS lies, yet still people persist in performing demeaning mental gymnastics and putting on tiresome displays of semantic quibbling to defend the Brexit liars.

Here's exactly what Cummings said (source):
"Pundits and MPs kept saying ‘why isn’t Leave arguing about the economy and living standards’. They did not realise that for millions of people, £350m/NHS was about the economy and living standards – that’s why it was so effective. It was clearly the most effective argument not only with the crucial swing fifth but with almost every demographic. even with UKIP voters it was level-pegging with immigration. Would we have won without immigration? No. Would we have won without £350m/NHS? All our research and the close result strongly suggests No. Would we have won by spending our time talking about trade and the Single Market? No way."
Cummings has clearly admitted that the Vote Leave campaign used outright lies to distract people's attention away from the really important issues (Post-Brexit trade dealsSingle Market accessthe total lack of a government contingency plan for Brexitthe massive strain on the UK civil servicethe complicated legal ramifications).

This revelation that Vote Leave knew they couldn't win without the £350 million for the NHS lie came on the same day that the Tories voted down a Labour amendment to their Article 50 bill to conduct an impact assessment on the effect of Brexit on the NHS.

MPs who voted against this amendment to reveal the NHS spending impact of Brexit included high profile Tories who brazenly capitalised on the £350 million pledge like Michael GoveBoris JohnsonLiam Fox and Priti Patel, as well as the Labour MP Gisela Stewart who was the one who thought up the £350 for the NHS lie in the first place.

Yet, despite Vote Leave's open admission that they lied and cheated their way to success in the referendum, and the way the Tories shot down the NHS protection amendment to their Article 50 bill, there are still people crawling all over the Internet to defend the £350 million for the NHS lies!

One absurd Brexiter mental contortion involves the curious whataboutery of "Remain lied too", which instead of nullifying the lies of the Vote Leave mob, actually makes a strong case that the referendum was even more illegitimate than had it just been one side lying through their teeth. This argument does nothing but demonstrate they the person making it didn't bother listening to a word of it when their Mothers told them that "two wrongs don't make a right".

The other absurd Brexiter stance in defence of such glaring and cynical lies constitutes semantic quibbling over the words on the side of the Vote Leave bus. These people know as well as everyone else that the Vote Leave mob were much more explicit about giving £350 million to the NHS elsewhere in their campaign, but they choose to quibble over the bus writing as if the only thing people should ever remember about a political campaign is what was written on the side of the campaign busses!.

I don't get why so many Brexiters fail to understand that just because a liar was on your side of a polarised debate doesn't mean you have any kind of moral obligation to defend their lies.

It's demeaning and embarrassing that they persist in defending such cynical lies, and it would surely be better for their own mental health to just admit that they were lied to, rather than painting themselves into such ridiculously irrational corners out of misplaced loyalty to their dishonest Brexiter brethren.

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