Sunday 5 February 2017

Welcome to Brexit Britain

Make no mistake about it, racist and bigoted behaviour in Britain is being re-normalised.

The process has been going on for years with one lurid anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-refugee propaganda piece after another emblazoned across the front pages of the right-wing tabloid rags (Daily Mail, The S*n, Express) but things are getting worse and worse.

One of the biggest culprits is Facebook, which continues to allow the ex-BNP criminals at Britain First to operate their vile hate-fuelled echo chamber which encourages anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim abuse and relentlessly purges dissenting opinion. As far as Facebook are concerned, the hate-fest at the Britain First Facebook page makes them tons of cash in ad revenues, so they don't give a damn that by hosting it they normalise hatred, violence, bigotry and abuse and allow the Biffers to blatantly scam money out of people to fund their hate campaign.

The vote for Brexit was another factor in empowering bigots. Of course not all Leave voters were savagely racist bigots, but it's absolutely undeniable that a significant cohort of them were, and it's also undeniable that racist attacks have soared after the EU referendum.

Back in the 60s and 70s bigoted and racist abuse was commonplace, black footballers had to endure monkey noises and being pelted with bananas, abuse of non-white families was commonplace, and people felt they had the right to spit into the prams of mixed race babies.

By the 1990s stuff like this was considered increasingly unacceptable, but the extreme-right fought back against "the tyranny of political correctness" as if the social unacceptability of hurling bigoted abuse was some kind of infringement of their precious freedom of speech.

Just look at this video of a drunken bigot hurling abuse at a passenger on a bus in Manchester. This is the kind of abuse that happens constantly online. Just check out the comments on Britain First or any of the relentless barrage of hatemongering Daily Mail article about Muslims. It's shocking that this appalling bigot feels that he has the right to sling such vile abuse and force another passenger off the bus, but he's only rendering an analogue version of the constant tide of bigoted abuse that exists in the digital world.

Of course it's more shocking to see it in real life, but it's very much less likely that bigots like this would feel empowered to abuse people in public if it weren't for stuff like the Britain First hate group, the right-wing tabloid propaganda rags, Nigel Farage's Nazi style anti-immigrant fearmongering and the vote for Brexit (which for an awful lot of people was seen as a vote to get rid of foreigners and as a validation of their bigoted attitudes).

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