Tuesday, 7 February 2017

People of Stoke, beware of dodgy UKIP propaganda

UKIP have clearly learned from the fake news epidemic that swept Donald Trump into the White House, and they're trying to imitate it in their own pathetically amateurish way.

The first example of UKIP fake news aimed at influencing the Stoke Central by-election was a pathetically shoddy photoshopped image claiming that Stoke residents were hanging out St George's crosses in order to protest against "unpatriotic" Jeremy Corbyn.

As the Skwawkbox blog pointed out, not only was the image crudely and obviously photoshopped, the Ukipper that did it actually got the flag the wrong way up, which is considered a grave insult in the world of vexillology. 

If anyone is "unpatriotic" it's clearly the Ukipper who thought it was fine to photoshop an upside down English flag onto some random house in Stoke.

Soon after the Fake flag protest picture was exposed another one soon appeared, this time showing the Labour by-election candidate Gareth Snell with a burka clad woman. It didn't take much investigation to find the original photo, which was a publicity shot of Gareth Snell with the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The first image demonstrated the grotesquely ignorant brand of nationalism promoted by extreme right groups like UKIP and Britain First by getting the flag upside down.

The second demonstrates something a lot more distasteful. It clearly shows the Ukipper assumption that the people of Stoke are a bunch of gullible bigots. Whoever decided to turn Jeremy Corbyn into a burka clad woman made two obvious assumptions about the people of Stoke: Firstly that they're gullible enough to fall for another crudely photoshopped image, and secondly that they must be such a bunch of bigots that they'd find a picture of a woman in a burka so terrifying that they'd rush off and vote for UKIP.

I hope the people of Stoke Central are smart enough to see through this appalling fake news bullshit from UKIP, and hand the NHS-hating local address-faking hard-right charlatan Paul Nuttall the electoral defeat he so richly deserves.

If you know anyone who lives in Stoke, or anyone with connections to the city, please consider sharing this article with them to help to publicise the disgusting dirty tricks that UKIP are employing to in order to dupe Stokies into voting for their extreme-right Thatcherism on steroids party.

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