Monday, 27 February 2017

Patrick McLaughlin's bullshit excuse for slashing disability benefits

The Tory party chairman Patrick McLoughlin has come up with a bizarre justification for the £3.7 billion cuts to disability benefits his party are forcing through. He tried claiming that the cuts would help to cut the deficit.

It's been clear for well over a year now that the barbaric Work Capacity Assessment regime costs far more in corporate outsourcing fees to administer than it will ever save in reduced benefits payments.

In light of this it is beyond obvious that if the Tories actually gave a damn about cutting the deficit, then they would immediately set about scrapping the barbaric and discriminatory Work Capacity Assessment regime, but they don't.

They don't scrap it because they see the profits of the private corporations that carry out the assessments as infinitely more important than either the suffering of the disabled people who are forced to go through these dehumanising assessments, or achieving value for taxpayers' money.

The Tories continue putting hundreds of thousands of sick, disabled and terminally ill people through the stress and anxiety of their dehumanising Work Capacity Assessments, and they're making ordinary taxpayers foot the bill for this barbarity.

The Tories actually make the deficit worse with their barbaric schemes against the disabled then they lie through their teeth about how much they need to strip hundreds of thousands more disabled people of the benefits in order to cut the deficit.

Of course narrow-minded tabloid rote-learners will buy into this brazenly dishonest "because austerity" rubbish, but hopefully the politically aware will be conscious of the fact that the Tory austerity agenda is nothing more than a blatant wealth redistribution con, and the fact that the Tories actually care so little about cutting the deficit that they actually use taxpayers' cash to subsidise their savage mistreatment of sick, disabled and terminally ill people.

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