Tuesday 6 June 2017

Theresa May is so desperate to cling to power she's now playing to the bigot crowd

Theresa May 's attempt to scapegoat the Muslim community in order to pass the buck for her own government's security failings has to be one of the most despicable political moves a serving British Prime Minister has ever made.

By claiming that "the Muslim community needs to do more to tackle extremism" Theresa May was doing two things.

She was deliberately whipping up anti-Muslim sentiments in order to pass the buck for her own government's catastrophic security failings. And as an added personal bonus she was making a very strong appeal to the burgeoning extreme-right demographic with some juicy anti-Muslim rhetoric for them to feast on.

This tactic played brilliantly with the extreme-right demographic as her Muslim bashing rhetoric was gleefully and uncritically reported in the Britain First hate chamber, but it must absolutely sicken anyone with the remotest bit of human decency.

The facts are absolutely clear that the Muslim community in Britain did their bit to protect us from terrorism, and that it was the government that let us down.

  • We know the Manchester Muslim community did their duty by reporting Salman Abedi as an extremist five times.
  • We also know that the London Muslim community reported Khuram Butt as an extremist too.
The British Muslim community did their bit, but the government failed.

The government weren't just repeatedly warned by the Muslim community either.
  • They were tipped off by the Americans that Salman Abedi was planning a terrorist attack against Britain, but they actually let him come back through the UK border unhindered!
  • Khuram Butt was such a well known extremist that he was featured in a Channel 4 documentary called "The Jihadis Next Door"! But the government failed to monitor him properly, even as he was going around asking neighbours how to hire a van just days after ISIS releases a call for Islamists to use vehicles and knives to commit public attacks in the west.
The government failed spectacularly in their duty to protect us, and if Theresa May had any decency at all she would have resigned over the consequences of her disgraceful austerity dogma inspired cuts to the public safety budget, despite warning, after warning, after warning, after warning, after warning that she was neglecting her primary duty to protect public safety.

But we all know Theresa doesn't have any decency.

She's so indecent that she actually decided to whip up division and anti-Muslim hatred by passing the buck for her own catastrophic failings onto the Muslim community who warned us of the danger of extremists in our midst, but who were ignored.

If you've got any basic human decency you'd be outraged at Theresa May's cowardly buck passing, and her undisguised effort to whip up anti-Muslim sentiments as a crude appeal to the extreme-right demographic

Theresa May is now so rattled that she considers her only hope of clinging onto power for another five years is crudely and obviously appealing to the bigot demographic in the hope they turn out to vote for her.

So the question has to be whether the traditional moderate-right "One Nation" Tory supporters are going to accept their leader spouting divisive anti-Muslim rhetoric in order to appeal to the extreme-right demographic?

Or whether they actually see this shocking cowardice and divisiveness from their leader as "a price worth paying" for whatever personal benefit they think they'd be getting from another five years of Tory rule?

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