Tuesday 6 June 2017

Should tax-dodging companies be winning government contracts?

Right I'll try to be concise.

Tax-dodging companies winning government contracts is such an obscene idea that it's ludicrous that it hasn't already been banned.

It's hardly a radical principle to say that if a company wants to make profits out of the taxpayer through government contracts, then they must pay their fair share of tax back into the pot.

Jeremy Corbyn's plan is to ban companies based in tax havens from bidding for government work.

During the 2017 General Election campaign Theresa May's Tory party raked in huge donations from the mega-rich, who were terrified of being made to pay their fair share of tax under a Labour government. Several of these individuals are proven tax-dodgers, or run companies out of tax havens.

Theresa May had absolutely no manifesto plans to prevent tax-dodging companies from bidding for government work, and why would she? She's been at the heart of government for seven years. If she thought it was a problem worth confronting, she's have done something about it by now.

In fact Theresa May's government doesn't even bother to check that most contracts are value for money any more. These days they're just letting the majority of corporate outsourcing contracts roll over with no tendering process, check and balances or value for money assessments at all!

Nice work if you can get it eh? 

Especially if you base yourself in a tax haven so you don't even have to pay tax on all the profits you're milking out of the taxpayer!

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