Tuesday, 26 May 2020

If he'll lie about coronavirus to make himself look cleverer than he is, why would you ever trust anything else he says?

It would clearly take days to unpack all the excuses, and blame-shifting, and deceptions, and lies, and open admissions of guilt, and refusals to take responsibility, but one thing in particular stands out from Dominic Cummings' press conference.

Cummings claimed to have predicted coronavirus on his blog last year by saying "only last year I wrote explicitly about the danger of coronaviruses".


But what he didn't seem to realise is that it's possible to look up what changes have been made to his blog posts, and when these changes were made.

It turns out that Cummings didn't predict coronavirus at all. What he did was retrospectively edit his blog to make it look like he predicted it, when he actually didn't, and he made these sneaky changes on the day he got back to London from his jolly jaunt to spread the disease up to the north east!

Obviously there are plenty of other very serious issues to consider, like the multiple admissions that he broke self-isolation and lockdown rules; the Prince Andrew level absurdity of the excuse that he drove his car 30 miles to a local beauty spot to test his eyesight; the outright refusal to apologise; the blame-shifting; the fact that of all the inaccurate media coverage he railed against his own wife's account of their coronavirus experiences was by far the most misleading and inaccurate; and the fact that he was somehow handed 
the 10 Downing Street garden and airtime on the BBC's main channel to make a speech that he openly admitted that he was making in a personal capacity.

However the fact that he sneakily edited his blog post to make himself look like some kind of great predictor, then lied about it on national television, is clear proof that the arrogant con-artist simply cannot ever be trusted on anything else he says.

If he's willing to lie to the nation about an issue as serious as coronavirus, purely to make himself seem smarter than he actually is, what else is he willing to lie about?

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Anonymous said...

Thomas: "Un-elected Bureaucrats are uncountable and ruining this country!"

Also Thomas: "Nationalise swathes of the UK economy so un-elected Bureaucrats can run it!"

Gulliver Foyle said...

You’ve got to give him full marks for his tenacity though, having seen his preferred policy for handling this pandemic rubbished by every expert in the field he went on a one man mission to implement herd immunity across the country to prove ‘em wrong.

I apologies if, by making a comment at least slightly connected to the blog post above, I have upset anyone. Next time I'll make sure to post something entirely unrelated to the post below which I'm commenting, and for good measure I'll repeat the same bollox I've been writing ad nauseum for months now just in case you missed it the first thirty seven times.

Anonymous said...

@Gulliver Foyle

Your apology is absolutely accepted. After all this time of railing hysterically with a complete lack of understanding of basic definitions, let alone a vague grasp economic or political policies or indeed World History, it's refreshing to see you admit you got it wrong. After all who needs facts when you've got blind emotion and an easy straw man: calling the person you're exchanging with Right-Wing.

Let's not forget: entirely taking a person's statement out of context then lampooning them for your own made up context... It's the sort of intelligent back and forth one comes to expect from a highly narcissistic personality who's never come up with a single-verifiable or useful policy.

Lets not forget: Getting upset and citing dead relatives in a tenuous link to the context of a statement made by someone. You're still replying to anonymous posters and you said you wouldn't. You can't even do that right.

Anonymous said...

"I apologies if, by making a comment at least slightly connected to the blog post above,"

You don't think Cummings is an unelected bureaucrat? Oof, better pull that band aid off.

D Baxter said...

Given the lack of available options due to Covid19,I must commend Dominic Cummings in driving his wife to Barnard Castle to celebrate her 45th birthday on April 12th. It's a particularly lovely town, set in wonderful countryside. A perfect choice for a special day out. Hope his eyesight wasn't too badly impaired and he was able to fully appreciate the scenery.

bimmerbob said...

If I had any doubts about my eyesight, there is no way I would risk others' lives by driving in the first place.

I also heard a rumour that he chairs the SAGE committee - if this is true, how on earth can SAGE be an independent body of scientists as has been claimed?

This Demonic Cummings saga, unless Boris exercises his testicular fortitude, I am afraid will likely lead to the Tory party evaporating at the next election.

Anonymous said...

Man, the media is playing the lot of you like a fiddle. Fascinating.

Anonymous said...

Whereas you're just fiddling?

Ps,I skim over all your posts as you're about as relevant as the Dr oko witchdoctor 0enis cure people.

Anonymous said...


Well you don't because you replied to my last one and also if you did do that you'd skim over a lot of everyone else as well, anonymous being quiet popular.

You're quiet the fool. Lol.

Anonymous said...

No one thinks the outrage over Cummings is synthetically manufactured by mainstream media for views, clicks and the like? No one? It's not like plenty of other officials have been ignoring the lock down... but just Cummings is the bad guy. Ok then.

Anonymous said...

So by that logic I also ignore myself?

We'd all appreciate you being quiet, "lol*

Anonymous said...


I've never seen synthetic outrage cost the government 20 approval points in a weekend. No-one believes him, he has no sympathy from anyone except a few BTL trolls.

Even the till girls at Asda are laughing at him. Zero cred left.

Anonymous said...

.... tricky one this. On the one hand, I like DC’s style and I believe he has played an important part in getting us out of the poo with Brexit and in getting a Tory GE victory. On the other hand, he is currently making life more difficult for the government at the moment.

I think I should take the position of disregarding emotion about the individual ... and consider only what is best for the country in the coming few years.

Based upon that, he should stay!

It’s a bit like the JC “I took no part in the ceremony” comment (next to a picture of JC holding the wreath). Supporters will bend their interpretation of events to suit their desired political outcome, whilst anti’s will bay for blood. C’est la vie.

Anonymous said...


"So by that logic I also ignore myself?

We'd all appreciate you being quiet, "lol*"

Yes, it's one of the reasons why the comment is illogical. "lol" = LOL.

"I've never seen synthetic outrage cost the government 20 approval points in a weekend. No-one believes him, he has no sympathy from anyone except a few BTL trolls."

He's a clear and concise threat to some of the status quo, always has been. So is Trump. Realistically Trump is, at best: a mild reformist. But a portion of people are convinced he's orange Hitler. Jeremy Corbyn was the same, clearly a threat to the status quo. The emdia harrassed him, etc. You're only dicking on Cummings (and Probably Trump) because you're Partisan. The media are clearly controlled by billionaire oligarchs who would like to see him gone. After all they massively benefit from immigration lowering wages as well as being in the E.U.

Anonymous said...

Also: There have been plenty of officials who have broken lock down from labour MP's to Specialists advising the government.

People here are clearly and obviously partisan, you are biased to not liking Cummings because of his position in the Tory party.

What he did was nothing special. He should not be sacked over it, it's hype from the media because they want: views/clicks and they want him gone for monetary reasons on behalf of their owners.

The majority of you on this page are hysterical and spouting nonsense as per.

Gulliver Foyle has recently lost family members to Covid 19 and could do with some kind words guys. Just throw him some comments his way, it's not hard.

Anonymous said...

Rubbish and deflection as usual. Find me a minister let alone a bloody spad who could brazenly lie and refuse to resign. Even the Tories think he's being a test about it!

Anonymous said...


Sure: John Mcdonnell, shadow chancellor until 2020 saying he's not a marxist on question time after he profusely stated he was throughout recordings in 2011.
Tony Blair: The Iraq War. Pretty much his entire legacy is based on careful manipulations if not outright lies.
David Cameron lying about austerity measures in the lead up to the 2010 election.
George Osbourne: The same.
The entire 2015 Tory manifesto was deleted. I mean that's basically the entire party telling a lie.

That's not to mention the swathe of civil servants who've put through horrendous policies like the Windrush debacle and gotten away with it, sometimes with bonuses in that year for their work.

Honestly what do you think you were going to accomplish with such a brazenly misinformed response?

Anonymous said...

FYI: Here's a list of people who've broken lockdown rules who work for/in government. Most of them did not resign:

calm down and say something nice to Foyle, he needs it.

Anonymous said...

Oof, Beeb apparently let a presenter go because she lambasted Cummings. If the BBC is a propaganda mouthpiece for the Government... it would make sense to PRIVATISE IT WOULDN'T IT?

Anonymous said...

Of course the BBC is a propaganda mouthpiece for the Government. It's a corrupt & crooked organization that steals money from the public under threats of heavy fines and doorstep harassment, then blatantly uses what little influence it still has to misdirect the gullible with stupidly obvious lies and shit editing skills.

Trust a lickspittle like you to defend something like that. You really are a spineless little tosser.

Oh, and this from you -

"Let's not forget: entirely taking a person's statement out of context then lampooning them for your own made up context..."

Get your own ideas you derivative, plagiarising, right-wing dimwit.

Anonymous said...


I wasn't defending it, I was pointing out it wouldn't be a propaganda institution for the government if it were privatised because then the state wouldn't control it's funding. This is to point out that merely nationalising a market: doesn't make it better and often makes it worse. However socialists here think that's the answer to 'capitalism'. Obviously I think we should get rid of the license fee, people would obviously not pay it in swathes.

The Beeb's been loosing viewers over the last ten years in droves, it's not really surprising, they suffer exactly the same problem as the Whitehall civil service; no repercussions for absolutely awful and failed projects and a cronyism that's enabled because its missing that important ingredient in broadcasting: the free market.

If you have a set wage assured to you every year (like the license fee because it's a hassle for most people to get rid of) then why would you bother hiring new people or trying to be cutting edge when you can just hand out positions to your mates at the expense of the license fee payer and ensure that shows only receiving views in the tens of thousands continue to receive millions in backing?

Anyway, hope this sorts things out. I should also point out the citation your copied and pasted has a line I wrote above it about how the individual I was replying too also utilised a straw man of accusing who he was interacting with; of being right wing. I hope the irony is not lost on you.

Anonymous said...

Well that thar was a grown up reply. You keep it up son, there might be hope for you yet.

Oh yeah, what irony? '8P

Anonymous said...

Tankie trying to be down with internet lingo. Man, you ever think the excesses of the state need to be curbed with full blown aids communism and the renewal of basic human rights? Tankie, tankie, where's your hankie? Oh look, the secret police got it. Better sell out your Mum and dad to get it back.

Anonymous said...

Durham police have said Cummings didn't breach lockdown apart from possible minor breach to when he went to the castle but they won't follow up on it. The police say he's done nothing wrong.

How angry does this make you all?

Anonymous said...

The police said he had done wrong and they would have sent him home if stopped. Nice misrepresentation though, have fun being tumescent over this and don't forget to insinuate that I'm a commie for pointing out facts.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Man, be good if Thomas and everyone on these pages would show the same response to the grooming gangs (many of them still active as well according to the independent report). You lot really are shills for Big Brother aren't you?

Anonymous said...

"Tankie trying to be down with internet lingo. Man, you ever think the excesses of the state need to be curbed with full blown aids communism and the renewal of basic human rights? Tankie, tankie, where's your hankie? Oh look, the secret police got it. Better sell out your Mum and dad to get it back."

Aww is the widdle cwy baby throwing his big bloo dummy out of his big bloo conservative pwam. It's ok little Boris fannyboy, remember you're a right-wing historian with a buckled one track mind that's stuck on repeat. When the universe eventually swallows itself whole, your inane, mind-numbing ramblings will haunt the corridors of time... Stalin! Socialism! Way forward! Oof! Joe Stalin! Oof! Hilarious! Tankie! Communism! Hilarious! Oof! Stalin! History is proof that Socialism doesn't work! Oof! Stalin! Oof! Hilarious!

"No, you do not get to tell me what to do. Ever." Priceless. Classic fannyboy stuff.

bimmerbob said...

I will read FB posts.

Anonymous said...

Guys, Tankie is a pussy. I'll tell you why.

Dominick Cummings broke the law during lockdown. By driving all that distance to take his family to see his parents when he had symptoms of Covid. It is tantamount to the highest betrayal to the state one can imagine. If the state tells you to do something: you do it. It's for your own good. It's for the betterment of the UK as a whole. If you don't you are putting those people's lives at risk, you are challenging the very authority that is keeping you safe.

Dominick Cummings needs to be publicly executed.

I know this seems like over kill. I know this seems extreme. but what he did was spit in the face of key workers and everyone who has lost a family member to the half ass measures imposed by the Government.

They need more control over and servitude from the general public so more people don't die and we save the NHS. This is how they start.

Obviously the labour Mp's and various civil servants who broke lockdown rules need to be hung/beheaded in a public arena as well. Let's be clear; we're not persecuting individuals of just one political inclination. That would be un-original.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 13.02

You wrote: "Dominick Cummings broke the law during lockdown."

What law did he break?

You also wrote "Dominick Cummings needs to be publicly executed."

Err, regardless of any alleged law breaking ... a little on the extreme?

And "..but what he did was spit in the face of key workers..."

err, no. He was tryinging to sort his kid out.

And "Obviously the labour Mp's and various civil servants who broke lockdown rules need to be hung/beheaded in a public arena as well."

Would all of these executions be counted as Covid 19 related deaths on the death certicate?

Anonymous said...

"What law did he break?"

The law of the state. Lockdown rules.


No. Once he's gone: No more problem and an example for people to live by.

"Spit in the face of the workers"

People have died. His actions are representative of giving a finger to those people. Those people are part of the state. He's given the finger to the state. The state is God. You don't go against the state, especially when they're trying ot save lives.

"Death certificate." ?

State execution for dissidence.

Anonymous said...

Look guys... Fannyboy is talking to himself again. His ego's been taken outside and taught a lesson so he's retaliating by talking pointless shit and asking himself questions in order to strengthen his pointless shit, basically arguing with himself to make it look like there's actually a point to his pointless shit when there obviously isn't.

So basically guys, what it boils down to is the fragility of a little bitch's ego. A little bitch called fannyboy. Hilarious.

How many lessons do you have to be taught before you learn to shut yer trap fannyboy? Where's your self-respect? Know when to stop digging.

That is all.

Anonymous said...


You're trying to hard.

Anonymous said...


Oh fannyboy's trying to be minimalist? His feelings are all hurt so he can't think of anything longer to say. You not got anymore pointless shit to say? You making fake responses under anonymous think you can fool us fannyboy?

What it come's down to guys is he can't take being wrong. He can't take being a bottom feeding, right wing, bitch.

I bet you think the police brutality is great don't you? I bet you secretly masturbate to picture of Katie Hopkins draped in the Union Flag don't you? Because Imperialism is going to make Engerland great again?

Face it fannyboy, you're a looser and no one here likes you. Where's your self awareness? Where's your decency? Don't catch on fire when you try to cook your pot noodle now.

Anonymous said...


You think I masturbate to Katie Hopkins, draped in a union flag?

Anonymous said...

I'd be more inclined to say you beat off to pictures of Boj draped in the union flag. Doesn't matter whether it's Boj the dim or Hatie the vile, though, as they're both on the highest possible level of repugnance. As is anybody who thinks they're in any way righteous or worth tossing off to... yuukaak! Yer gross fannyboy! Yer really fuckin gross!

Anonymous said...


You must be a hoot at the momentum meetings.

Anonymous said...

You must be a hoot at the EDL meetings where you masturbate over ninety sixties pictures of people being lynched for their skin colour! I bet you and the other gammons all stand around with your trousers down, beating off into a bowl so you can haze new members with it. Bunch of Fannyboys.

That is all.

Anonymous said...


You think about me master-baiting quiet a lot don't you?

Anonymous said...

That actually wasn't me, believe it or not. I made my comment and that was it for me as far as the tossing off jokes are concerned.

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Anonymous said...


Wasn't you? Uh huh, sure mate.

Wendy wood said...

Can tankie and fannyboy please get a room?

Anonymous said...

@Wendy Wood

I'd rather not. He's a bit obsessive.

Anonymous said...


why is it that a lot of the homophobes you come across are are so obsessive with gay people? Some of his comments were really bizzare i.e. The constant "Fannyboy" and group acts?

Anonymous said...


I don't think he's a homophobe per say, just over exited and not very intelligent.

Anonymous said...

I'm a gay man who played as a happily married straight man for twenty years. I’m a socialist. I've got a couple of things to say.

I think with conversation sometimes, there's very much a feeling of throwing your dice and rolling a win so enormous, the drive eclipse's decency and your sense of self awareness. Remember, as long as those red dice are in the air, the gambler has hope. And hope is a wonderful thing to be addicted too.

You’re rolling to break the bank, right in the face of the House. You’re willing to risk so much, if not all of it and so many times you come up with, second place.

This was one of those times. To have someone highlighting themselves as very much being in the fight for humanity, then to hear such a derogatory slur to try to dehumanise a person based merely on their sexuality and masculinity?

Try talking to the survivors of the eighties, epidemic at my local. So many years for fear of falling the victim to slurs, discrimination and maybe even fists- that it took me so long to walk through its door and feel acceptance. To make light of that? A wanton crime? Undeniable.

Man, for anyone having to then watch the following disturbing images unfold... I mean do you really think that’s what we get up to behind closed doors? The people reading your posts, they’re the real victims.

I’m not defending the other guy in the conversation. You know who I’m talking about. I don't like him, guy's a real piece of work.

In conclusion, all I have, is; this Tankie? Sounds like a real jerk.

Anonymous said...

The fannyboy name really got to you eh fannyboy? Got to you so bad that y'all been pacing your basement floor racking your tiny little, poisonous, right-wing brain for some decent material to hit back with. And in a shockingly original twist, you pull the same old talking to yourself routine! And the end result of this dissociative disconnection with reality? Ridiculous shit about me being obsessive, homophobic, not very intelligent and also a real jerk. Hmm....

Obsessive, not very intelligent, real jerk? yeah sure, whatever. But homophobic? That's puzzling considering homophobia is an irrational hatred, usually born of ignorance, fear and low self-esteem, of anybody who isn't 'straight', and that I haven't at any point expressed a negative opinion about your sexual orientation.... uhmm, yeah I'm gonna have to call bullshit on yo desperate ass about that cause it could only make sense in the mind of a twisted, butthurt hillbilly like you.

I call you fannyboy because sneaky, slimy, hateful, ineffectual, little shit weasel is too much of a mouthful and because it suits you. Whether you're gay or not is none of my concern. Your business, not mine. It's a good, healthy outlook, you might wanna try it sometime. You'd have to convert to leftism first though, cause progression to a rightist is like daylight to a vampire. Yeah the two are pretty much indistinguishable, but it's still a good analogy. Wouldn't you agree fannyboy?

Anonymous said...


I'm not concerned with whether you're homophobic or not. I think it's funny that two people from your side of politics have already shown exasperation with the fact that you have repeatedly described me master-baiting in some pretty fantastic scenarios. You're quiet emotionally invested in this aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Yup, you are without a doubt extremely annoying, but you seem to be confusing the annoyance caused by an irritating bug that refuses to be swatted with anybody actually caring about what you get up to in your basement when you're not annoying everybody on here.

And what is it with you and this master-baiting thing you keep going on about? Is that a right-wing Tory/slave cunt joke that us left-wing cunts don't get? Cause if it is, I ain't fuckin laughing, innit?

And that made as much sense as you on a good day.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and stop pretending you're me. You're not clever enough to pull that shit off undetected.

That is all.

Anonymous said...


No, it's all those fantasies you wrote down about me master-baiting. You mean you didn't write...:

"I'd be more inclined to say you beat off to pictures of Boj draped in the union flag. Doesn't matter whether it's Boj the dim or Hatie the vile, though, as they're both on the highest possible level of repugnance. As is anybody who thinks they're in any way righteous or worth tossing off to... yuukaak! Yer gross fannyboy! Yer really fuckin gross"

That's not mentioning the one before about fapping to Katie Hopkins, or the one after about EDL meetings and group pleasuring.

Dude, you got some issues.

Wayne kerr said...

Have you considered that the masturbatory references are actually just people calling you a wanker?

No, course you haven't. Much like the hero of this piece you didn't even consider it.

Anonymous said...

You think two other people created masturbatory fantasies about me, using the same vernacular and slur?

I don't think much of the people in these comments, but even they wouldn't waste their efforts on such a silly endeavour. Tankie blatantly ran away with the idea of me whacking off and got over exited. I think he's quiet middle class as well, but that's just a guess.

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Anonymous said...

"You think two other people created masturbatory fantasies about me, using the same vernacular and slur?"

Replace "created masturbatory fantasies about" with 'ripped the piss out of', and that's exactly what happened. You're trying to distract by insinuating that I'd be low enough to pull the kind of shit that you're infamous for. That's one of the oldest right-wing tricks in the book, and well you know it you desperate dipshit.

"blatantly ran away with the idea of me whacking off and got over exited"

Sorry, but "over exited", what's that? You meant over-excited, right fannyboy? Far be it from me to be a grammar Nazi, but I have to say your use of the English language really isn't up to much. As for your manipulation skills... do you seriously think I'm thick enough to be goaded into saying something that'll make me look homophobic? You're gonna have to try harder than that.

"I think he's quiet middle class as well, but that's just a guess."

So, what's "quiet middle class"? People who keep the volume down? Yeah, you guessed wrong too. If you want to go by a structure that divides people into classes where worth is based on what you own and not who you are, that's up to you. I don't agree with it.

That is all.

Anonymous said...


You can still be a communist and be middle class Tankie, it's quiet common.

Anonymous said...


That EDL one you wrote was a bit graphic tho, wasn't it?

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Anonymous said...

"That EDL one you wrote was a bit graphic tho, wasn't it?"

No, that EDL one YOU wrote was a bit graphic, fannyboy.

And it's QUITE, not quiet. Get it right, you dumb fuck, backwards Bill windowlicker.

That is all.

Anonymous said...


Lol, touched a nerve there. You're saying you wrote the first two but didn't write the third one? Oof, looks like you're a bit embarrassed by your own work there spud.

Does everyone else you know think you're middle class?

Anonymous said...

Nice try fannyboy. Do you think I didn't anticipate your next predictable move? Did you seriously think you were gonna get past me with something as obvious as calling me out on something I corrected you on half an hour earlier? You're gonna have to try harder than that you big gaping right-wing vagina.

And don't say oof to me, it's annoying, unoriginal and it shows you up as the complete and utter dick that you are. Not that I give a shit about that, but other people might, so think about them and stop being a selfish arse.

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Anonymous said...


You're ashamed about being middle class, which is why you're a communist.

Anonymous said...

Communism shmongunism. You, fannyboy, are the personification of monotony. And you're a dumbass. You don't even know what communism is, you just do what every other clueless rightist does i.e. unthinkingly believe and parrot misinformation that's designed specifically for subservient, easily manipulated, useful idiots who know their place. That's you, innit fannyboy?

Anonymous said...


Well according to Das capital and the communist manifesto it's broadly an ideology that seeks to get rid of the inequalities between the major classes by wholly subverting every market to direct control of the state, that the state is no longer democratically elected but a one party power. All of the now state run markets will utilise the Labour value theory (not actually stated in das capital but every communist/marxist/Keynsian economist has come to the consensus that it was the lvt) to share scarce resources. Funnily enough when Marx wrote Capital he was actually ignorant (due to the time he wrote it) of basic anthropological information about the Celts (who he was basing his Utopian vision off), specifically around the fact that they did actually utilise both a prominent religious system and markets with which to trade (and even organise resources amongst themselves).

I know this because I've read Capital, the manifesto and history books from around that time. I can even cite the page in capital where the majority of these points are collected (page 26).

You are clearly the dumbest mother fucker I have had the good pleasure of interacting with in these pages and that really is saying something. Your parents have absolutely failed to teach you basic critical thinking, economics, history or even how to hold a coherent conversation. You tactics are laughable, your entire political outlook is a joke and you blatantly haven't done the most basic of research when it comes to what it is you actually preach. Additionally the very fact that the real outlet for your political views have now gone the way of the dodo thanks to the 2019 election and Bernie Sanders (who is a grifter and a cunt) is hilarious.

In response to your many insults: Your mother is a cunt and a whore. Send me a place to meet and we can sort this face to face. Pussy.


This has been hilarious. I'm going to keep replying to you as the days go by because you're clearly emotionally invested in this. You fucking useless idiot. Even the three clear and concise examples of me master-baiting to imagery you concocted has shown that you clearly do not have a clue what you're doing. You need a minder. TROLOLOL. Oh Tankie, lest you fly to close to the sun.

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Anonymous said...

Lol Fucking nailed ya!! Hook, line and sinker. You were just managing to stave off my attacks, but your pea sized brain couldn't hack it and BOOM! the mask slipped and ma dear old mom got brought into it. Only the most stunted and cowardly of individuals would verbally abuse an innocent old lady in order to feel like a big man, by the way. Typical right-wing bovver boy mentality. Yer hero Tommy would be proud.

As for arranging a place for fisticuffs with somebody you know nothing about lol I'd be able to hit your cranium from my window ya knuckle dragging neanderthal, so chill the fuck down.

So I hit a raw nerve with the subservient, easily manipulated, useful idiot who knows his place thing, but you know what? facts don't care about your feelings buddy. It must sting like a bitch knowing you've only got yourself to blame, but you need to understand that taking it out on me and my maw isn't gonna change anything for you. Only you can do that. Only you can make that change.

You've got your work cut out for you though, cause you're clearly just some hateful and bitter little man-child who hides behind a (Trumpian) wall of toxic masculinity, with a copy of Das Kapital in one hand and The Communist Manifesto in the other, seeing only what your twisted and limited ability to understand allows you to see. You should just stick to what your kind knows best e.g. Mein Kampf.

Laters fannyboy.

Anonymous said...


Oof. It'll be a bit difficult to organise the revolution if you're hiding under your duvet Tankie. You throw threats of violence my way and duck any real confrontation; standard commie.

Funnily enough I've actually read R.W Connells Hegemonic(Toxic) masculinity. It's not an interesting read, particularly if you've read the Italian marxist Antonio Gramsci before hand. Basically she copied and pasted his idea from "Cultural Hegemony", replaced class with sex and then spent four decades saying men were systemically programmed to rape/abuse women before being blown the fuck out by longitudinal sociological studies from the Netherlands.

Man, it's literally gone completely wrong for you hasn't it? Trump will win 2020, Corbyn's been shafted after the biggest Labour loss in living memory, Sanders took all those donations for his new family home (no refunds tankie. That's a socialist for you), Cortez looks like she'll be loosing her seat at the next primaries and we're leaving the E.U thank fuck, on a no deal. Your ideology has been completely and utterly pushed back by the general public to circle the drain in obscure socialist blogs. This conversation; it's all you have left.

It's just you and me fella. You're very welcome. To the end of the world baby x x

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Lol, Tankie's fucked off everyone.


Anonymous said...

Fucked off? No, I'm not done with you yet fannyboy. I find showing you up for the deranged loser that you are, whilst always being ten steps ahead of your backwards ass, to be mildly amusing, for now, but I can't be on here 24/7 like you are. I'm not the kind of guy who spends my life holed up in my mums basement, with my only outlet being the internet which I use to fill my head with shit I don't understand before coming on here to annoy the fuck out of everybody like some immature, right-wing hermit who's all alone due to being a dickless tosser who knows only hate. That's you innit fannyboy?

But in all seriousness, you're gonna have to face the fact that you're nothing but a nasty infinitesimal scrote of a... oh I dunno... whatever you are. Oh wait, I do know what you are, you're miserable, tedious, extremely unlikeable, negative, wrong about everything, mentally stunted, nothing good about you at all, probably got a Donald Trump hairdo and a cupboard full of cardigans and brown pin stripe trousers, yellow star shaped badges with Donny felt tipped on them lol

Totally being serious this time... ahem.. right where was I? Oh yeah... you're just a toxic waste of oxygen, a walking, talking indication of everything that's wrong with the world today. You'll never amount to anything because nobody in their right mind would have anything to do with somebody who's dense enough to take pleasure in being sick in the head.

And that's your lot for today fannyboy. Have fun smashing fuck out of your mums basement when your head explodes into a hissy fit of toxic masculinity (and of course you read it, only somebody who suffers from it would read about it). Don't go too far though, cause we're not completely out of the woods yet and you might have to rely on the good grace of Boj's DWP at some point, again. Good luck with that, by the way.

Anonymous said...


Knew that would get you. LOL.

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