Tuesday 6 June 2017

Don't forget about our NHS heroes

The terrorist attacks in Manchester and London are still heavily dominating the political debate.

The Tories and their cheerleaders in the mainstream media flinging ever more desperate and disgusting smears at Jeremy Corbyn in order to make out that he sides with them and outrageously passing the buck for their own failings onto the Muslim community (who repeatedly reported the attackers to the authorities for extremism but were ignored).

The Labour Party are pointing to their costed manifesto commitments to reverse the savage Tory cuts to our police, emergency services and UK Border Agency, criticising the Tory public safety cuts and questioning how the hell these attacks by known jihadists were allowed to happen.

So an awful lot of the talk is about terrorism and security, but please don't forget our NHS heroes.

Please don't let the terrorists win by letting horror at their actions totally over-rule the fundamentally important political issue of NHS funding.

Our doctors, paramedics, nurses, and surgeons were absolute heroes after the terrorist attacks, and NHS staff like mental health specialists and physiotherapists will be heroes of the recovery.

The evidence is absolutely clear that the NHS cannot afford another five years of Tory vandalism.

Don't just believe me, ask anyone you know who works in the NHS about whether services have got better or worse over the last seven years.

Many argue the chaos in the NHS is deliberately being provoked in order to push more privatisation.

This may sound like a cynical conspiracy theory but the Chairman of Conservative Health Paul Charlson even explained the purpose of this ruinous Tory NHS agenda is to scrap the free at the point of use principle, and replace it with a US style private health insurance model.

The socialist principle that health care is delivered on the basis of need, not on the ability to pay for it is the single most fundamental pillar of the NHS.

Paul Charlson openly admitted that scrapping such a policy would be "political suicide" and that the only way the Tories could get away with it is if the NHS were reduced to such a state of crisis that "we need to start paying for health treatment now" can be introduced as the Tory justification narrative for their NHS-wrecking agenda.

If we hand Theresa May and her Tory wreckers the keys to the NHS for another five years then maybe the terrorist attacks of the future will come with huge US-style medical bills for the victims, and for the families of the victims who died on the treatment table?

NHS staff are heroes who go above and beyond the call of duty to care for us. Our NHS heroes deserve better than another five years of Tory NHS-mismanagement.

The great British public have paid for the NHS through our taxes. We deserve better than another five years of Tory NHS-mismanagement.

Respect our wonderful NHS staff, and respect yourself.

Vote against the Tories to save the NHS.

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