Tuesday 6 June 2017

Why would any ordinary working person dream of voting Tory?

The Labour Party manifesto pledges to not raise Income Tax or National Insurance for the 95% of ordinary workers.

All workers should read the relevant parts of the Labour manifesto. which are their economic strategy (which contains the 95% pledge)and also the important section on securing a fair deal at work.

Theresa May loves to pretend to be on the side of working people, but since 2010 UK workers have suffered the worst slump in the purchasing power of their wages since records began.

The only other economy in the developed world where wages have slumped as badly as the UK is crisis-stricken Greece.

The difference of course is that Greece were forced to impose ruinous austerity and severe wage repression by the Troika. The Tories imposed their destructive austerity dogma and crushed our wages out of choice, because they wanted to.

One of the most notable things about Theresa May's 2017 General Election manifesto is that she decided to delete David Cameron's 2015 pledge to not raise Income Tax or National Insurance until 2020.

Just ask yourself why they would have deleted those pledges if they had no intention of hiking taxes?

There's no other explanation is there?

We all know that Theresa May and her Chancellor Philip Hammond tried to break Cameron's National Insurance pledge by announcing their hike in NI for self-employed workers. Thankfully she was made to do one of her countless U-turns on this occasion, but the tax raising intention was absolutely clear.

The Tories are clearly mad keen to hike taxes on ordinary working people, and it's only the fact they didn't have a big majority that stopped them from getting away with their National Insurance hike in March.

In the final week of the election Theresa May's Defence minister Michael Fallon suddenly decided to pledge on tax rises for the super-rich 5%!

The choice is now absolutely clear.

You've got a party that is financed by millions of small donations from ordinary workers that is promising to not raise taxes for the 95% ...

And you've got a party that is financed by a small number of massive donations from millionaires that is promising not to raise taxes on the 5%!

If you're an ordinary working person and you vote Tory, you're so obviously voting against your own economic best interests it's ridiculous.

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